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NextPreviousHomeWhat does Export to Filmstrip produce?

lightads | 9 months ago | 15 comments | 344 views

I now have a long film strip image but what can I do with it?

Also noticed that VJ_PoundingSpeaker.cfx effect is disabled when choosing Export to Filmstrip.

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many programs accept filmstrip to do other effects. Also in blufftitler you can upload a filmstriip and saying how many images you have in horizontal and vertical you return the original film. A filmstrip can be used for example to draw over video frames or many other elaborations.

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

Franco can you make a tuttorial?

Ger, 9 months ago

Can you please make a simple BT file for us to use.

lightads, 9 months ago

this is an old video where the animations are made with filmstrips

see at 5 minutes

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

Filmstrip frames
A filmstrip is a single picture that contains all frames of an animation. The frames are placed next to each other. For example, you can store a 10 frame animation with a resolution of 100 x 100 pixels in a filmstrip of 1000 x 100 pixels. The picture layer can play filmstrips and this property sets the number of frames.

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

in this example you can set:

filmstrip frames = 9 on the first slider and 4 in the second slider

than you set "filmstrip frames for second" = number of fps you want. (for example 15)

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

link to animation

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

@Franco Aversa: The added file has a wrong setting of the property "Filmstrip frames".
It is set to 9 - 4 and it needs to be 5 - 1.

The right setting:

Filip, 9 months ago

lightads, you are right, none of the VJ effects work when exporting as filmstrip. When exporting as frames they are also ignored.

It was falsely assumed that audio can be ignored when exporting as pictures. But it needs to be processed in order to get the VJ effects right.

This will be fixed in the next release. Thank you for the report!

michiel, 9 months ago

Why 5 and 1 Filip ?

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago


it would be nice if you could also mark the starting frame, for example 5, 4,1 would mean parts from the fifth image, keep 4 frames of the line and 1 frame on the column.

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

Franco there 5 pictures 1 one row

Filip, 9 months ago

I say in the animation that I posted about the little man, there are 9 pictures in 4 rows

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

Sorry you're right Franco. Played the wrong file.

Filip, 9 months ago

don't worry, I thought you were saying the animation that was in the video

Franco Aversa, 9 months ago

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