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NextPreviousHomeWho wants CoOkiEs aNd MiLk?!

IntroChamp | 9 months ago | 12 comments | 16 likes | 358 views

chaver, LostBoyz, michiel and 13 others like this!


I started out with the "Chocolate" show from the Blufftitler installer... BluffTitler\Media\Shows\Water\ and this is what I ended up with.

I call this design "Cookies & Milk".

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Awesome Joel! :) I love your show! :)

LostBoyz, 9 months ago

Awesome comeback spectacle, a pure Joel's show.

vincent, 9 months ago

I was expecting more from you, Joel.

Just kidding to motivate you.

komies, 9 months ago

LB, Vincent, Komies, thanks!

Komies, with friends like you, who needs enemies?! lol! Seriously, thanks.

IntroChamp, 9 months ago

Nice show, love the Jaw!

Filip, 9 months ago

Filip, thank you!

I know that you guys have been playing with the water layer for sometime now and I risk underwhelming you, but for me, it’s like seeing an awesome movie that everyone else has already seen lol!

IntroChamp, 9 months ago

Hey, I'm up for a chocolate chip cookie raft ride!! Love it.....
Thank you IC

SMSgtRod, 9 months ago

GMGgtRod, join the club! lol!
Thanks for your comment :)

IntroChamp, 9 months ago

Un buen trabajo IntroChamp

persiana, 9 months ago

I LOVE YOUR SHOWS Joel... thanks for the treat...waiting for the Delicious dinner with your shows...

Dani, 9 months ago

Thank you Persiana!

Hi Dani! I feel like I’m still learning how to cook. I hope that you have a strong stomach lol!

IntroChamp, 9 months ago

I love cookies and milk. But the shark is not nice...😂

Ulli, 8 months ago

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