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Two Light Sources
Cubemap Layer
Mirror Layer


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If these posts showing videos of what's possible with BT 12 are supposed to whet our appetite for the new version, they are not succeeding, at least for this newbie.

All they are doing is confusing me even more with what is possible in the current version compared to what is allegedly possible in 12. Veterans of this software probably aren't suffering from this confusion, and maybe I'm the only newbie having this problem, but i think everyone in general would be better served by some kind of chart comparing versions or better yet, a list of what's new in 12 with semi-detailed explanations.

Just my two cents.

sfwriter, 6 years ago

Fingerlicking good depth of field effect IntroChamp!

Wonderful to see how fast you manage to put the new effects of version 12 to good use, even in their beta state.

Very inspiring feedback. It motivates us to work harder and better to get version 12 ready for launch as soon as possible. Thank you!!!

michiel, 6 years ago

what are .cfx file ? does V12 can import 3D models other than .x ? thanks

vincent, 6 years ago

CFX stands for Compiled FX.

They do the same as FX files, but load a lot faster because they are already compiled!

michiel, 6 years ago


There will be a full description in "Program history" here when it is released:

Peru, 6 years ago

Suggested text: Ouch!

Dick, 6 years ago

Thank you all for your comments!

sfwriter, I definitely appreciate your point of view. Try to be a little patient... the beta is still young and changing every day... I don't want to create confusion by posting details that become false. All will be revealed ;)

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Very COOL!! Your my favourite Designer! You have an individual style!!!!

LostBoyz, 6 years ago

LB, you're the best! Your designs are inspiring :)

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Thank you :)

LostBoyz, 6 years ago

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