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NextPreviousHomeBixPack 34 - Season's Greetings = Versatile!

IntroChamp | a month ago | 12 comments | 9 likes | 429 views

persiana, Alex-Raymond T., Dani and 6 others like this!

A quick demonstration showing the ease at which BixPack 34 Shows can be edited. In this specific case, I'll use "" as an example.

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The portrait in this show can be changed easily to any image of your choosing, making this template super versatile!

Choose the "portrait (picture)" layer.

IntroChamp, a month ago

Click "f8" on your keyboard to reveal the "Change textures and effect" dialog box. > Click the "Select texture" button to upload your replacement image. > Click the "Clear" button at the bottom of the dialog box to remove the existing "Effect".

IntroChamp, a month ago

If you desire to remove the glowing border from the image, simply select the border layer and uncheck the "Visibility" check box.

IntroChamp, a month ago

And That's it! Easy! :)

Here are a few examples to help spark your imagination and
to help you visualize the possibilities...

IntroChamp, a month ago

Example 2

IntroChamp, a month ago

Example 3

IntroChamp, a month ago

Un show sensacional IntroChamp

persiana, a month ago

Great example !

ID Production, a month ago

Thank you persiana and ID! :)

IntroChamp, a month ago

Thank you for these great examples, IntroChamp!

Ulli, a month ago

Wow...thanks for the info Joel...beautiful show...

Dani, a month ago

Ulli and Dani, thank you for looking! :)

IntroChamp, a month ago

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