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Filip | a month ago | 5 comments | 8 likes | 153 views

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I keep on trying to find effective particle movement, with little particles.
BT is a remarkable tool and there are many options with the particles. But it draws heavy on the PC resources, furthermore the reaction time of the particles is very slow.
But hey the software is very cheap it has very much options, upgrades are free. So we go on and find the holy grail of particle movement in BT.

Do not forget the Pixel options of the text layer in combination with the explosion option.

Here a try out with the particle movement as reaction on the changing gravity. The particles are a 3d model.

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Mostly agree Filip except not cheap, inexpensive yes!!

SMSgtRod, a month ago

Filip, really nice! You saw, playing with gravity as well as with the direction you get very special effects. Try to speed up and accelerate the particles during the animation even with that you will get strange effects

Franco Aversa, a month ago

That looks very good, Filip.

Ulli, a month ago

Very good effect.

vincent, a month ago

Thnx all. There's a lot to learn. But I hope that the particle layer gets an update sometime. Till then trying and combining till I find better working combinations.

Filip, a month ago

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