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Filip | a year ago | 6 comments | 7 likes | 731 views

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I'm a volunteer in our town to free it from litter in the streets and berms.
This day I found 15 tin cans Red Bull. That was the moment i got the idea for this video.

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Very good show Filip ! :D

LostBoyz, a year ago

Nice spoof!

Thank you for your volunteer work. Maybe we need Holle Bolle Gijzen everywhere to make people throw away their litter in a proper way 😁

michiel, a year ago

Funny and perfectly realized idea to make people think about a sad but all too existent problem.

Thor5ten, a year ago

Thnx Selina, love to help a little.
Thnx LostBoyz.
Thnx Michiel, Holle Bolle Gijzen,....goed idee!
Thnx Thor5ten, I was annoyed by all the litter, sometimes I thought we live in a dump.....Now I'm not annoyed and I am moving more 😎!

Filip, a year ago

Selina you are right. The bins are in a Themapark in the Netherlands: The Efteling.
In this park you can find Holle Bolle Gijs bins.

Holle Bolle Gijs asks for litter and thanks you when you dropping your garbage in his mouth.

Filip, a year ago

Great idea, Filip!

Ulli, a year ago

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