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Franco Aversa | 8 months ago | 3 comments | 220 views

when I import a png with a transparent background into the sketch layer in BluffTitler, for example of one row, this is interpreted as 2 rows. In fact, if I use the write command I have a line that goes around my line. If I use the "writer" command I will see that the path is done twice.
Can't this be avoided? If I set the slider with precise values I can keep only one path. Cannot delete the second row being loaded and converted?
I don't know if I managed to explain myself.
Thank You!

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Make an .eps with Bixelangelo.

Filip, 8 months ago


Short Answer: Listen to Filip

Longer Answer: The built-in tracer in BT takes the outlines of a picture and this sketch is always closed (use both writer properties to make it look as one again). So one line in a .png will be traced around the line.

Addendum: The same tracer is used for the Traced Picture Layer where now the inner part of the outline can be filled with the colour image and the outline becomes the border.

Tip: The built-in Tracer starts at top right, it will be the starting point of the sketch, so you could rotate the image in paint-app to here you want the start to be.

And NO, you can't trick this built-in tracer by letting it trace just a 1 pixel wide line it will trace around the object.

komies, 8 months ago

Thanks a lot, it wanted to be a suggestion for a possible future modification.
I can start the second slider so that you only see a path, but it would be convenient if when I import the file there was a possibility that the software could eliminate the second part.
I know that if I draw in Bixelangelo the eps is perfect.

Franco Aversa, 8 months ago

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