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NextPreviousHomedifferent colors on the text

Franco Aversa | a week ago | 9 comments | 4 likes | 172 views

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I have found this solution

Download media files (7 KB)

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Great solution! Very creative

Filip, a week ago

Thanks, but I actually asked if it was possible in the future to have something that facilitates the change of color, size or font within the same layer.

Franco Aversa, a week ago

Agree with you Franco, I could see something like that, basically something logical for titling. But i imagine it makes a lot of changes in the storage of the text layer in the .BT file.

vincent, a week ago

Yes Vincent, is this graphic your proposal?

Very interesting.

Franco Aversa, a week ago

Yes Franco, it is just an example of the BT textbox but in which would be added a toolbar to edit (font, type, color..) a part of or entire text as it is done in any text editor (word, wordpad, notepad...). I copied and paste Wordpad Text Edit buttons and listbox.

vincent, a week ago

I know this would make older versions incompatible and maybe even older shows, but I think a titler should have these functions.

Franco Aversa, a week ago

To keep the possible compatibility problem that could be a new type of layer : Rich Text Layer .....

vincent, a week ago

Yes, good idea !

Franco Aversa, a week ago

we shall see 😑

vincent, a week ago

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