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Hi, I wanted to ask two things.
The first is, why in the translation of the commands (in blufftitler) we don't also include the shortcut so seeing it users can learn it? (I say on the icon not on the menu where it already exists).
Second. Browsing the community many times we find material shared by users (friends). Would it be possible at the website-level to have an external indication when there is a file sharing within the article?
If I look for a file that a friend had shared after a long time, it may be faster to see this report than to open all the articles one by one to find the one where the file is.
I don't know if this is possible, but I thank you all the same.
Ciao 😘

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The power button tooltip automatically uses the same translation as the corresponding menu item, so there's no need to translate it separately.

michiel, a week ago

Use the DOWNLOADS filter on the community homepage to find the community articles that offer a download.

michiel, a week ago

Ok thanks, I hadn't seen the filter in the community. As for the shortcuts, they may also appear on the icon. But now 15.1 is out let's not worry about that .... thank you very much

Franco Aversa, a week ago

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