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Do you love animated text. Well now you can make your own Bixabet!

I made parts of Bix transparent and joint the remaining arms and legs with a letter.
Every letter/bix combination is stored in their own container.

The used font is Magical Mystery Tour( )

Bix.x and it's original texture is not included in the zip file.

Download media files (349.3 KB)

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cool-Thank you for sharing

chaver, a year ago

And one more genius idea! Bravo Filip and thank you for sharing.

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

PNG texture with transparent parts is a very good idea!

vincent, a year ago

Thnx Chaver, Alex-Raymond and Vincent.

Vincent the transparent parts is not my own idea. Komies had the idea when I followed a more complex path.

Filip, a year ago

Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar ! In any case it is a good idea!

vincent, a year ago

Great trick and really nice results!

I'm sure you did this on purpose, but I was puzzled why it was so dark. I finally found out the FADE STAGE prop of the camera layer was set to 0.4. Setting this to 0 turned the light back on. In combination with COLOUR prop values higher than 255, this turned the Bixabet characters into a tropical fruit cocktail 🍎🍌🍐. Nice toys, thank you 😃👍🏻

michiel, a year ago

On How could you😎.

But you are right it's very fruity. We have different kinds of fruit, such as blueberry, banana and strawberry. Jummy, jummy😋

Filip, a year ago


The shapes can be made rounder by using the INFLATED style (3rd dropdown below the textbox) and the texturing at the sides can be improved by using the Special\UVMapper or Special\NormalMapper effect.

This screenshot uses the strawberry texture and model (for the green) from BixPack 21.

michiel, a year ago

Cool show, thank you :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

Nice Michiel, Lekker gezond!

Filip, a year ago

Awesome! I love your new Bixabet, Filip!

Ulli, a year ago

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