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NextPreviousHomeI Made a furry Smiley

Filip | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments | 11 likes | 137 views

liuyongcai, michiel, Tintin and 8 others like this!

I tried to make a furry smiley like in this show.
1. Tried to make It with a 3D Spere model, that didn't work.
2. Tried to make it with a Traced Picture. Didn't work.
3. So I took
A. a picture of a Smiley with a Picture Layer Style 1: Sphere
B. Added Effect: Fur.cfx , second texture Fur.png with Picture layer properties: FX fur lenght,Thickness: First slider:8, second slider: 0,404
C. Attacht a particle layer: Hair (grass will do with another color) Picture layer properties:
Launch normal: 0,1,0 and Launch normal tolerance: 0,3 This in combination with a Launch plane (position/rotation/size) to cover the top of the "head"

The last is neccesary because when you work only with the Launch normal (tolerance) you get hair in strange places you don't expect.

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Pas mal , merci pour le mode d'emploi

PAT67, 2 weeks ago

muy bien.Filip

persiana, 2 weeks ago


michiel, 2 weeks ago

very beautiful

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

I like your fur smiley, Filip.

Ulli, a week ago

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