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Filip | 3 years ago | 5 comments | 659 views

With the 3d model jc-stone I tried to emit grains of sand.
These grain must blow over a field and attach to a word. This word is made invissible.

The grains are small so the emission of the grains must be immence.

I tried to emit more than 10.000 particles and it looks like the emission is limited (yes I also had adapted the min/max parameter)

As a result the word coverage is not complete. So I cloned the layer and that does the trick.

Any explanation?

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yes, you need more particles because they are so tiny.


- Clone the target layer text and make this flat on top of the text and make this the new target.
(now it only has to cover one dimension, less surface)

- Make the target layer emit is own particles (Pointillism) that stay on this text.

- Make the particles bigger by using a particle_cloud.png, or combo.

- use a pixelated texture (noise.png) for the target and use colourmap factor to fade in, use glitterdress.cfx and reflection factor to fade in, or combo.

It's the illusion you want to create.......

komies, 3 years ago

Thnx komies a few nice extra tips to try out.

Filip, 3 years ago


Sometimes in Life and Blufftitler you have to work around a problem instead of waiting till some else comes with a solution and makes it "perfect" for you, so you don't have to make the effort. This waiting can hold you back and stand in your way in making progress because you are now in arrested development.

Case and point:

You are waiting for over 3 months for a fix with your problem about physics and (motion) tweening.

Where do you need it for?
(or are just you pointing at imperfections you can't work with)

When is your project with Physics and (motion) tweening do?
For a short animation with a deadline over 3 months is very unlikely so you didn't finish in time and your excuse is that a program you chose didn't do as you expected.

Michiel came with a solution so you can continue and make your deadline in the case of the Spline Overhauser (I only use this for the camera layer (Catmull-Rom)).

But you wanting, demanding and postings like "Here's your 3-monthy reminder !!!" of a now 1 year old question that's holding you back somehow: "how can I change the physics between different keys?"

Answer: You cannot at the time of this writing for now.
Question? Where do you NEED it for?

Possible solutions to workaround this, and get you on your way:

- Use more keys to get more control and therefore more control of the desired outcome.

- Use more than one layer, to continue your animation with a different option from the Physics dropdown, since you can use only one per layer, the solution would be rather simple. And this answer (workaround) kept you from finishing your project and your development.

Hope you can appreciate my time and effort and my lighthearted sense of humor, because I do know that you have a BIG chip on your shoulder.

komies, 3 years ago

Filip, could you put an example in a show, on what you are saying?

snafu, 3 years ago


Someone who has a chip on his shoulder is angry all the time. He (or she) feels that he has been wronged by the world, so he is always ready for a fight. He is easily offended because he feels that he have been treated unfairly by others, or perhaps he feels inferior. He expects trouble, so he is always ready for it.

It can also mean that the person has a grievance about something. Something bad has happened to him, and he might believe it was someone else’s fault. This kind of person is constantly angry about it that it affects his behaviour. In the person’s mind, he is showing how tough he is.

komies, 3 years ago

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