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komies | 5 years ago | 5 comments | 2 likes | 1,276 views

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A few questions:

1. Flexibility set on a text will not effect the animation when the VJ is set to position. Y/N
2. Neither does the Physics set on that layer. Y/N

I'm trying to get particles released to a tone (beat), by no tone no particles, by tone burst off particles.
I have tried sketch and attach particles and set radius to 0,0, and set VJ dialog to radius, but it doesn't go back to 0.000 only when there is no sound on any frequency.

3. Is there another way to make this happen?
(I have tried with launch colour, tolerance and set in the VJ dialog colour on the sketch but it doesn't react at all to the color change.)

4. Does audio volume in the waveform count higher in generating effect Y/N
5. Is this the reason why other frequencies are effected or is the frequency cutoff not absolute?
(When using a 440hz tone the 1515hz is also effected)

Thanks for this great new VJ feature, I will keep on experimenting.

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i noticed point 1 & 2 too.

vincent, 5 years ago

1. Good suggestion. The FLEXIBILITY prop and all other props that automatically mark the ALL KEYS checkbox are too expensive for the VJ effect and for this reason not displayed in the property dropdown of the VJ dialog. But there's no reason why the VJ effect should not listen to the FLEXIBILITY prop value. This way the 2nd character of your text jumps a bit later than the 1st, as if it hears the music a bit later. Thank you for your request!

2. audio waves have their own inertia

3. have you tried connecting the EMISSION prop?

4. yes

5. I think this has to do with overtones. Fourier transform is used to extract the frequencies. There is however a difference between what's in the wave and what the human brain thinks it hears. Maybe we can implement a more sophisticated algorithm in a next version.

michiel, 5 years ago

Thanks for you reply,

2. But can it also listen to the physics dropdown options like damper?

3. Yes, But didn't realize then that the " sensitivity" could be set to 10.000 and for sketch radius I only need it to be not 0.000

4. While making a show with this VJ Dialog I would recommend to set the volume at 10 and set your pc audio lower instead.

5. Most of the beat in a music numbers are in the lower frequencies and because most don't use just drums but a scale of instruments in is harder to isolate it because of this.

Thanks again, and I will keep experimenting because it is FUN.

komies, 5 years ago

The flexibility prop turns out to work great with the VJ effect. It's like seeing the audio wave shivering through the text. It has been implemented in Thanks!

The BluffTitler physics effects are keyframe tweening methods and splines. This does not translate well into audio signal processing. Would be an interesting project and I'm sure will generate interesting results, but probably not what you are looking for.

michiel, 5 years ago

No thank you, for making this work and implementing this so fast.

komies, 5 years ago

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