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komies | 2 years ago | 16 comments | 770 views

"Ok the effect I like is to have a floor surface, wood, concrete or whatever and then have the mirrror layer above it with the wood etc then having a glossy finish."

The answer: add texture to the Mirror layer.
How: Press F9 (Menu: Media / Change effect...)
Where could you find it:

- Userguide: Mirror layer

- Search in community with the correct term:
Look at Dani's question:

- Installer shows:
c:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Shows\Mirror\
c:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Shows\Mirror\
Goto mirror layer and Menu \ Media and you see that you can Change Texture, EPS and Effect to this layer.

And yes ask, there is no shame in asking.
But with a little investigation you might have discovered these by your own, that might not only be faster but give you the satisfaction to conquer a obstacle.

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Actually you wouldn't believe how long I've tried to work it out, using F9 would have been the very last place I would have looked, in fact I gave up, lol.

Much appreciate you taking the time to explain and I hope some of the other guys have benefitted from the question.


tayla, 2 years ago

The question now is,

What did you learn or took from is answer and could you apply it to a similar "problem"

komies, 2 years ago

Always ask Komies first if your stuck.... rofl

tayla, 2 years ago

I like your "British" humour.

But seriously would you look, in the userguide, use the search option, and or the installer show to look for answers?

And how does it come that someone that bought BluffTitler more than 6 years ago doesn't occure to look this up or think about the "change texture".

This is not criticism, I'm just wondering what could be improved in conveying of information.

Please send your tips in the "What needs to be done?" Article. So we al can discuss in one place.

komies, 2 years ago

I always try a search in the forums first Komies, usually using different parameters if I don't at first get a result. I consider myself quite resourceful in that respect.

I give up sometime back using the "user guide" quite simply some of it just goes way over my head, I'm self taught over the last few years around computers and unfortunately I'm not the best teacher, lol.

I've said it before I'd love to see the user guide laid out into more video tutorials in English or any other language the user may require as the ones I come across on Youtube are usually non English.

Still happy to plod on though and I just love my BT


tayla, 2 years ago

Do the video tutorials in the User Guide help you?
Do the lesson shows in the installer show help you?

Who does it come that simple me can find it in the community with the term: Mirror Layer

Please keep in mind that Outerspace Software BluffTitler is a small community.

So professional tutorials would cost money and to cover that cost the prices may go up. This community is user driven and as you can see there are often the same people on this community. This is what it is.

komies, 2 years ago

Hahaha....simple you....that's funny Komies.....Good One!!

I think you can find it because you speak the terminology of BT.

The problem with the tutorials and lessons is that they aren't regimented.
If we had to get up each morning and get the training for 4 hours before lunch,
we'd all soon be experts.
Some will flip through it. Some will hit a few and stop. Some hope osmosis is the answer.

That's why I think that if you cover a function, discuss/demonstrate and entertain Q/A
it is the way to go.
Down the road somebody asks a question about that function, direct them to your lesson.
There they'll find the lesson and students questions.

With the expertise and willingness to help of members such as yourself. The continuing input
of Michiel Outer, professional tutorials won't enhance the training any. Because the people still
won't go watch. They'll come here to ask. Well, not all the people, just most!!

Lastly do the training materials furnished help. Yes and No. Many things I have a problem
with. I guess because I still don't have that basic BT foundation to work from yet. But I
keep plugging along.

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

But is it not logical to "speak" the termonology. Because that is the name given by the author. When I have a question about the "mirror layer" and type in "mirror layer" in the search option, that doesn't make me a "EXPERT".

I know you like this:

At a flightschool a trainee pilot is asked to name that thing on top that makes a helicopter fly.
The student thinks a while an says: a fan.
The teacher smirks and askes if he could clarify this answer.
The student thinks for a while and says: when you hover at 300 feet an suddenly that thing on top doesn't spin anymore you get very warm very sudden.

So naming things by there correct name is a given in search options.

And yes I know about auto-rotation.

komies, 2 years ago

Yeah, that is a poor example. Let me try this:
How did he get that cool shine on his hardwood floor in that show.
Search: Hardwood articles found....hmmm...
Search: Shiney articles found....hmmmm
But should I blunder to "mirror shine" that will get me headed
in the right direction if I look closely at "Mirror Layer".

What did I get from this thread? I think that the mirror layer may
be the way to get clouds to reflect off of the water. Have to play with it.

Do you know the purpose of the propeller on the front of the plane?
That's right, it keeps the pilot cool. Think not?
Watch him sweat if it quits!! LOL
Had it happen once for real. Not fun.

Anyways, newbies don't know proper terms.... I'm learning though.

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

A mirror is a flat surface.

To make the water reflect it's environment is done with the cube map layer.

What terms would you use in the search?
In what installer show map might you find an example?
In the userguide under what layer type might you find more info?


- When you add a cubemap layer and want to position it use F2 after you added that cubemap to the water layer.
- Set the Waves height property slider to 0 to get a flat surface, then move the Cubemap layer to get a perfect reflection of a picture or text.

The Bixpack 22 - Dutch skies has some great examples (templates) and some wonderful and easy to use Skybox textures.

komies, 2 years ago

Ok, I found it in the user guide no problem....
I used "Reflective Water 3" to work with.
Since you gave me Cube Map Layer, I of course searched it.
Found Cubemap Layer.....
How it works...not so sure yet. Work in progress! LOL

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

You see you don't have to be an "expert" just use the correct terms even when you don't understand them.

This is the search result for: "Shiney Floor" the same with "Hardwood Floor" NOW

The goal is that you recognize that a flat surface usually under the text and or texture that reflects the top environment and that fills the floor, that that probably may be a mirror layer.

It could be a Cubemap but on a flat surface the mirror layer has higher resolution because it doesn't have to render all six sides of that cube just the one and this makes rendering also less strenuous for the GPU.

komies, 2 years ago

But you see it just now brought something back. I now remember the Cubemap coming up when I was trying to make something shiney like the chrome Bix that was done.

ARGH!! So much stuff and I have so little brain left!! LOL

I wish I could go hide someplace for about a month and do nothing but study BT.
Then the next task would be BixAngelo, which I am really having a rough time with.

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

If you want to impress a girl on a date learn to make 2 or 3 simple dishes really well when you cook for her.

The same is with BluffTitler know what you are using often and make it your own. After this you go to the next dish or in BluffTitler terms next layer type, or effect.
And in a while you will accumulate enough knowledge to serve a gourmet dinner for any occasion.

komies, 2 years ago

First off, impress a girl on a date. Sounds good. I'll email you the wife's phone number
and you can ask her if it's ok for Sarge to go out on a date!! LOL
I do 80% of the cooking and all the baking at our house.

I'm trying to accumulate BT knowledge, but right now I'm kind of starving to death.

It'll get better with time as I do some more shows. What hurts is the stuff folks do and
I can't figure it out at all. Remember the spray can? So cool, no idea of even where to
start to mimic that one.

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

Ask Franco

He makes tutorials for BluffTitler in Italian on his YouTube channel, I believe he would answer to questions on his articles.

komies, 2 years ago

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