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Voxel texture example

michiel | a month ago | 5 comments

Every now and then a user asks why the installer does not come with a voxel texture example. The reason... Read Article

Chord Diagram Effect

michiel | a month ago | 10 comments

This new effect generates a fake chord diagram, which is commonly used for data visualizations. Just... Read Article

The power of layers

michiel | 2 months ago | 4 comments

By giving every letter its own layer, you have full control and can easily give it its own colour, animation,...... Read Article


michiel | 3 months ago | 13 comments

Here's a collection of cracker/hacker style decryption templates. They heavily use the ENCRYPT... Read Article

Elastic title with drippers and arrows

michiel | 4 months ago | 12 comments

An elastic title decorated with drippers, arrows, stars and viruses. The font used is Luckiest Guy:... Read Article

Release notes version

michiel | 4 months ago | 8 comments

The particles in version, launched today, can be sorted. To do that, mark the SORT ELEMENTS... Read Article

Example project with 2 shows and dynamic content

michiel | 6 months ago | 9 comments

Here's an example project with 2 shows, a playlist and dynamic content. Graphically nothing fancy,... Read Article

How to use the new Gradient effect

michiel | 6 months ago | 10 comments

Version 15.2 introduces the ProceduralTextures\Gradient effect. Apply it to a picture layer and you... Read Article

Data City

michiel | 7 months ago | 9 comments

Flying through a city of data! Read Article

Let it sink

michiel | 7 months ago | 9 comments

Here's an interesting technique that I discovered today: using the blob style of the particle layer... Read Article

Sloppy Birthday Cake

michiel | 7 months ago | 7 comments

Everything is sloppy in this design: -every cake floor has its own rotation -every candle has its own... Read Article

Things to do after the lockdown/curfew

michiel | 8 months ago | 6 comments

An invitation template based on the glasses from Komies' Dinner show: Read Article

From hero to zero

michiel | 8 months ago | 9 comments

Inspired by Filip's show ( ), here's my version of a sinkhole.... Read Article

Particle fireworks experiments 2020

michiel | 9 months ago | 11 comments

I'm too scared/smart to experiment with real fireworks, but luckily we can do it virtually with... Read Article

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komies: Borg? Sounds Swedish. Very nice Thorsten. an hour ago

maxste: Resistance is futile! Well done. 16 hours ago

vincent: nice idea. 18 hours ago

vincent: well done Filip! 18 hours ago

Filip: Love it Thor5ten! 18 hours ago

Thor5ten: Really have to try this some time. 19 hours ago

Filip: I tried all settings but I don't get the bulbs... a day ago

Filip: Thnx Ulli. a day ago

Filip: Thnx Ulli. I's now part of the texture. a day ago

Ulli: Looks great! a day ago

Ulli: The cream looks in the second version better, indeed. a day ago

Grooves: Awesome! Thanks for keeping the download available... a day ago

michiel: Have you already tried setting the 2nd slider of the... a day ago

Filip: Very nice, love it! Thnx for showing. a day ago

vincent: yes it was in 2015 but then i removed old posts. a day ago

Filip: Thnx Vincent, did you share the show on the community? a day ago

vincent: nice, in the past i did some tests of atom too. 2 days ago

steveg: Hi Michiel, I did try that but I don't think... 2 days ago

DJ C-LOSS: thanks guys! 2 days ago

michiel: Here's another experiment. On the left you can... 2 days ago

nonnogio: So bene che qui si parla di BluffTitler, non capisco... 3 days ago

michiel: Steve, I used a preset: choose the menu item WINDOW... 3 days ago

michiel: Windows allows you to browse the files inside a ZIP... 3 days ago

Filip: I experienced this problem earlier. Maybe you have... 3 days ago

steveg: Hi Michiel, Now that I have time I decided to revisit... 3 days ago

Filip: Thnx all, Michiel an Ulli, delicious with coffe or... 3 days ago

Ulli: Great idea and texture. I think, I am hungry. 😄 3 days ago

Filip: nonnogio ??????? The title above this community: "BluffTitler... 3 days ago

nonnogio: Ma questa non e una comunità di BluffTitler 3 days ago

DanaM: Why would someone present IClone and other programs... 3 days ago

Filip: Thank you Vincent, Jose Luis, Ulli, Pat67. 4 days ago

vincent: Nice but this cream does not look very natural and... 4 days ago

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