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Fresh new BixPack 35 promo

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 8 comments

Here's a fresh new BixPack 35 promo! This video explains how you can use the bumper templates... Read Article

Transformers Intro Movie 2007

Tukkermando | 14 years ago | 6 comments

The new Transformers movie is coming, I can't hardly wait so I created an intro movie with the great... Read Article

Stack of Photos

michiel | 14 years ago | 12 comments

A nice slideshow effect. The included WhiteBorder.fx effect file is an improved version: it features... Read Article


Ulli | 14 years ago | 1 comment

It is funny in an intro. Read Article

Text Balloons

michiel | 14 years ago | 4 comments

I've created 14 balloons out of a single balloon by setting the TEXTURE REPEAT property of the picture... Read Article

Flock of seagulls

michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

I've used the particle layer to create a flock of seagulls floating in the wind. Read Article


Ulli | 14 years ago | 3 comments

Just for fun! Read Article

Multicore Cable

michiel | 14 years ago | 1 comment

I've combined 12 sketch layers to create a multicore cable. Read Article


michiel | 14 years ago | 2 comments

I've tried to use the CLOTH effect of the picture layer to make a spraycan spout a picture. ... Read Article

Domino Effect

michiel | 14 years ago | 4 comments

By clever use of the FLEXIBILITY property in combination with the CHARACTER ROTATION property you can... Read Article

Birthday Titles

DeanO | 14 years ago | 5 comments

Here is the show for "Birthday Titles" that can be found under the "External Links"... Read Article

Rainy Day

Ulli | 14 years ago | 2 comments

Based on DeanOs clouds effect: here is a "Rainy Day". Read Article

It Came From Outer Space - Intro

DeanO | 14 years ago | 12 comments

Following Michiel's request for the bumpmapped UFO I used in the intro- find it attached. Originally... Read Article


Ulli | 14 years ago | 5 comments

Here is my new idea, based on Michiels "Sparkling Photo" Animation. Read Article

Beware of the Aliens

michiel | 14 years ago | 5 comments

Here's an animation that demonstrates the difference between built-in lighting (without using an... Read Article

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PAT67: Et voilà des lettres en plus, bien joué... 34 minutes ago

PAT67: Fantastique réalisation, du travail de pro ! 36 minutes ago

cheyenne: Merci Ulli 2 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci Ulli 2 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci Ulli 2 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci lightads 2 hours ago

Filip: Thnx Michiel, Vincent, Pat and Ulli. Ulli you can... 2 hours ago

lightads: Good show, lots happening. Well done 3 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci Alex-Raymond T 4 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superbe, Bravo ! 4 hours ago

vincent: Je suis d'accord. 5 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci chaver et Ulli, puis Vincent pour vos encouragement... 5 hours ago

Ulli: Great show. 👍 5 hours ago

vincent: Thank you all, merci à tous. 5 hours ago

Ulli: WOW - how cool is that! I love your ideas. 5 hours ago

vincent: Superbe!!! Très bon réglages du water... 5 hours ago

Ulli: Oh wow, this "B" looks so funny. I like it.... 6 hours ago

Ulli: What an awesome photo presentation. I like it. 6 hours ago

Ulli: Fantastic and I love it. 6 hours ago

Ulli: Really beautiful and a dreamy show. 6 hours ago

Ulli: This looks cool and a great idea, Dani. 6 hours ago

Ulli: Beautiful and romantic show. 6 hours ago

Ulli: What a wonderful show. 6 hours ago

chaver: Great.And great camera movements 6 hours ago

cheyenne: Bravo Vincent comme d'habitude j'adore tes... 7 hours ago

PAT67: Tu enchaînes des créations époustouflantes... 8 hours ago

komies: Very hip p.i.p., Vincent And a very "effect"ive... 9 hours ago

vincent: well done Filip 9 hours ago

vincent: Thank you, merci à tous pour vos commentaires... 9 hours ago

maggico: On s'y croirait ! Bravo Vincent. 11 hours ago

bambamD: updated 12 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci Eddy 20 hours ago