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BixPack 22 - Dutch skies

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 18 comments

Inspired by the air, water and light of Holland, following the tradition of the old masters Jacob va... Read Article

Election Poster Sign

Tjeb | 2 months ago | 4 comments

I think I made a good use of the page curl effect here. I haven't really thought about it, but I wa... Read Article

Wait till the storm, Bix will not be smiling then...

Tjeb | 3 months ago | 11 comments

Playing with the Float-in-water effect. If you'd like to play with the raft, download the .zip fi... Read Article

A Lego minifig with a speech

Tjeb | 3 months ago | 6 comments

I exported first the sequence with mouth closed, then exported the sequence with mouth open and fina... Read Article


Tjeb | 3 months ago | 5 comments

Based on a picture I found on the net. I have no idea what brand the speakers are, so let's call th... Read Article

Quick Test of new VJ effect

Tjeb | 3 months ago | 4 comments

Am I right that it's not possible to assign properties to two different audio channels? What I have... Read Article

Tidal Waves

Tjeb | 3 months ago | 7 comments

I think I re-created the tidal waves (surf) of Vasjakotov pretty well. I created the mountain in Bl... Read Article

The Smiley Channel looking back 2016

Tjeb | 4 months ago | 3 comments

What can I say.... (original voice: Dame Helen Mirren) Some parts were created with other so... Read Article

SpeedCam model

Tjeb | 4 years ago

I needed a speedcam for a project; thought I might as well share it with you. The speedcam was cre... Read Article

TV show logo addition

Tjeb | 4 years ago | 1 comment

I tried to recreate the text-sign, that is part of the intro of the TV show: "The Voice of " The fo... Read Article

TV show logo

Tjeb | 4 years ago | 1 comment

In case you might need this for a project. Read Article

Iyamishi Alloy Steel

Tjeb | 4 years ago

One of the great things about BluffTitler is the fact that it can be used in a variety of ways. Her... Read Article

Playing with the SOSA font

Tjeb | 4 years ago | 3 comments

Inspired by the video's Vincent posted, (still don't know how he does it) I wanted to explore the So... Read Article


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Selina: Variations on a Theme... 2 hours ago

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LostBoyz: Cam Target test :) 5 hours ago

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LostBoyz: Nice show, nice sky! :) 7 hours ago

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LostBoyz: Very good! :) 7 hours ago

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Ulli: This is awesome! I like the Camouflage Bix, the cl... 17 hours ago

Ulli: Nice show, Selina. :-)) 18 hours ago

Ulli: Big thanks to Selina, Vincent, Persiana and Dani f... 18 hours ago

Ulli: Yeah, the download has worked. Thank you so much,a... 18 hours ago

Dani: Fantastic...Show.. Keep up the great work... 21 hours ago

Dani: Wow.Vincent..I like way bix holding AK47... Don't ... 21 hours ago

Dani: Beautiful..... Show.. Ulli...I like the drag and d... 22 hours ago

Dani: Thank you very much friends.. 22 hours ago