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17 articles found by bigfish!

Hippo cartoon 2

bigfish | a year ago | 3 comments

Ok.Crucify me for pushing same button. But, BT people, thats a wonderful thing we can speak and share... Read Article

Who's coming? Ready or not...Crushin' ice. Ah-Ah!

bigfish | 2 years ago | 6 comments

All BT provision, some AE (insignificant) Read Article

Hippo-Belly TV intro

bigfish | 2 years ago | 12 comments

Youtube Intro. Modeling - c4D. Scenery, lightning, animation - the great BT. If interested, I can provide... Read Article


bigfish | 2 years ago | 3 comments

I don't Want To Believe all that bullsh*t. And I don't. Read Article

Who let the dogs out?

bigfish | 4 years ago | 1 comment

All of the animation parts done in BT. Specially like the photos movinng freely in space. Read Article

Lego Land.Intro&Outro

bigfish | 4 years ago

Intro and outro for my older son's school presentation of a LEGO project. I made most of the models... Read Article

Winter is coming! So What?

bigfish | 4 years ago

A remake of my old BT show. In v12 it looks much naturally due to multiple light sources+bender fx on... Read Article

Kids fashion

bigfish | 4 years ago

An actual TV commercial. Nothing extraodinary but came out pretty nice. Or ugly? Too wordy, i think (can't... Read Article

Kids are coders nowdays

bigfish | 4 years ago

The beauty of the video is that all of it is made with BT. Actually, it's the beauty of BT that... Read Article

Timber roof Trusses

bigfish | 4 years ago

Camera movements came out pretty dull, not my fault, cleint ruled. The background could've been... Read Article

EcoSafe Technologies

bigfish | 4 years ago | 4 comments

Failed to make the liquids run smoother, naturally. Any ideas? Read Article

Animating logos

bigfish | 4 years ago | 7 comments

Intros and outros of actual commercial videos. All animation parts done in BT. Read Article

EPS revovled rules!

bigfish | 4 years ago | 1 comment

Round cakes animation made with EPS revovled. Read Article

I love sushi!

bigfish | 4 years ago | 2 comments

Each sushi item is a mix of 3d models, eps and sketch layers. Came out pretty mean, though. Read Article

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Filip: Thnx Michiel, that works. 4 hours ago

vincent: Thanks to all, gracias, merci. 5 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Thank you all for your nice comments. 6 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Thank you Michiel for this beautiful demonstration... 6 hours ago

lightads: A really fun effect, thank you 7 hours ago

vincent: Very good! thank you michiel. 7 hours ago

ID Production: Great mix of BixPack template and candle. Super 7 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superb Show. Bravo komies, Bravo BT! 8 hours ago

michiel: Maybe the 3rd slider of the COLOUR prop of the picture/model... 9 hours ago

Filip: Thnx Michiel for the explanation and a show to learn... 9 hours ago

maggico: Magnifique ! Brabo Pixelpanther 9 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Michiel 9 hours ago

maggico: Superbe 9 hours ago

maggico: Vraiment magnifique. Bravo l'ami Raymond. 9 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Thank you Filip :) 9 hours ago

Filip: Love the show, Bix too he's going through the... 9 hours ago

Filip: Thnx for sharing. 9 hours ago

Filip: Wow, great use of the Oscillator effect. 9 hours ago

Filip: Great use of the new features! 9 hours ago

2ids: Hey Michiel, first of all a healthy happy and powerful... 10 hours ago

liuyongcai: Alex-Raymond T.- thanks 10 hours ago

liuyongcai: Michiel- thanks 10 hours ago

michiel: Thank you Pixelpanther. What is needs is a suitable... 10 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Great example Michiel - thank you! This effect is Brilliant... 11 hours ago

Pixelpanther: If people think they can benefit from it and if Michiel... 11 hours ago

PAT67: Merci Raymond ,Persiana et Pixelpanther 11 hours ago

Pixelpanther: Thank you Ulli :) Gracias Persiana :) 11 hours ago

persiana: Impresionante show 11 hours ago

persiana: Extraordinario show y muchas gracias 11 hours ago

persiana: Impresionante, Vicente 11 hours ago

persiana: Muy buena animación 11 hours ago

persiana: Extraordinario show 11 hours ago