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Filip | 6 months ago | 7 comments | 11 likes | 273 views

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Normally you can't see a virus, so you think it's harmless. But stay alert: There is is a virus attack! 😨

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Jó egészséget és kitartást kívánok mindenkinek!

LostBoyz, 6 months ago

Well done Filip...Yes stay healthy ..

Dani, 6 months ago


persiana, 6 months ago

Dommage que j'ai une mauvaise qualité vidéo , mais l'alerte est efficace

PAT67, 6 months ago

Me too i have a bad quality, YouTube encoder don't like particles and fast movements, for unknow reasons, sometimes a best quality is restored after few days, sometimes quality is different from a day to an other day, i don't is it due to Youtube or to my internet connection, i noticed these problems for 2 or 3 of my videos. Anyway, nice show Filip, stay alert.

vincent, 6 months ago

Thnx all. Quality on youtube for me good.

Filip, 6 months ago

Your show is well done, Filip.

Ulli, 6 months ago

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