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NextPreviousHomeRequest Bixelangelo with BluffTitler

Franco Aversa | a month ago | 12 comments | 221 views

As Bixelangelo is increasingly important together with BluffTitler, it couldn't be done ....

... two solutions:

1) implement Bixelangelo in BluffTitler (possibly increasing the price a little or creating a Super BT version)

2) If this is not possible, you could create a button in BluffTitler that calls Bixelangelo with a button from BluffTitler, what time did the user buy it?

I know that it is enough to press a few icons and it is the same thing, but sometimes you need to create a path or an EPS level and in this way the programs would be one, making the work much easier.

Thank you so much

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I 'm a proud user of Blufftitler and I have all the software of Outerspace. An integration of the software is not a good option. They are focused on different functions. Total integration makes BluffTitler to complex.

I like the user friendliness of BT. But when it's possible a button to switch between BT and Bixelangelo and back should be a little improvement.

But there are higher priorities....Animated Dinos (wow) and Animation of 3d models, improvement of the particle engine....

Maybe we should help Michiel to prioritize. We come with wishes, merge this with the ideas and possibilities (by Michiel) and then we can each score the list. Every item gets 1 (high) to 3 (low) this way Michiel gets a right focus on our wishes. And I hope for room for new creative ideas of the outerspace team when they see new opportunities/challenges.

Nb. BT is number 1 . The other software is less impotant. Bixelangelo 2, Alphabix 3 and Bixorama 4 I used it maybe once ore twice in the past years.

Filip, a month ago

Of course Filip, I've seen that several buttons have been added lately such as the comunity one ... adding another one will not be difficult ..... (of course there must be a minimum of error control)

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Thank you for your suggestions.

BluffTitler brings vector drawings to life: animating them together with other effects and exporting the result as a video file.

Creating and editing vector drawings is another task. This is best left to specialized apps like Bixelangelo.

For the same reason BluffTitler does not feature a built-in texture generating tool, a 3D modelling app or a font editor.

michiel, a month ago

Thanks Michiel,
but while in the case of textures and 3D you can general with other programs and convert, with EPS it is more difficult because BluffTitler does not accept third party EPS.
I don't want to make constant requests, there are already many, but if you like some more than the others you always have a list ready for the future. 😋
Then there was the idea of simply calling Outerspace programs with a button. (solution that other companies also do, also because it pushes the purchase of other programs)

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Franco, the user guide gives tips how to create EPS files in other apps including Adobe Illustrator, Vector Magic and Potrace:

michiel, a month ago

sure but vectorizing files not importing EPS directly, I use Affinity Designer (If I set it up as Adobe Illustrator, it all turns out wrong).
But if we have Bixeangelo why should I use other programs?
I just asked if it could be called up directly from BluffTitler with a menu.
For example if I go to EPS layer it asks me; does it import or create? If I press Create it opens Bixelangelo

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Because you can't design a roller coaster in Affinity.

To do that you need a more advanced vector editing app that can handle 3D.

michiel, a month ago

That's right it's the same thing I say ....
So I need to open Bixelangelo which can do 3D EPS too.
I kindly asked if Bixelangelo can be called up directly from within BluffTitler without having to open the program separately. A simple menu that launches the software. Could it seem nonsense? I'm sure it would make a difference, both to introduce Bixelangelo and for convenience.

Franco Aversa, a month ago

A menu item that launches another app would do the same as a desktop shortcut.

Or do you mean a plugin? That would indeed be nice. Thank you for the request!

But as Filip said, there are projects that are more fun. Like the Dino animation system we're currently working on!

michiel, a month ago

Nice pic michiel 😊🦕🦕.

vincent, a month ago

Thanks Michiel.
Very nice the Bixpack of the dinosaurs, when it comes out I will do a cartoon series.
remember a little man ....

Franco Aversa, a month ago

I can't wait for the Bixpack with the dinosaurs to come out.

I have to do my mother-in-law's birthday video and definitely
I'll use it for a nice title !!

Although I think it will be the last video I will make ....

Franco Aversa, 3 weeks ago

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