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Filip | 3 days ago | 2 comments | 4 likes | 97 views

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This comes closest to what I suggested :

And as always BT provides more than you thought.

I used Bender.cfx with out of bound settings. Set the first slider of the FX Bending center to 400. And Apply to whole text to 1 (=Yes).

Michiel: Maybe is it possible to add a third slider to the FX Bender center. I expect when setting this one to 400 we see the same effect on the NAME text.

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Nice composition idea!

I would keep it simple and do this with only a bit of moving and rotating. The perspective effect can be used to make things look bigger and smaller. No need for complex effects.

michiel, 3 days ago

Beg to differ! Is not the same. A simple extra text effect would be a huge addition.

Filip, 2 days ago

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