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Filip | 4 days ago | 5 comments | 97 views

I want to deform te text in different ways. with the following characteristics:
1. Possibility to keep a straight bottom
2. Squeeze the text in the x y z dimensions
3. Squeeze left to right and vv
4. Squeeze front to back and vv.
5. The squeeze is linear of curved

Is this possible?

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So the text must be fixed to the ground like a tree?

Maybe the Special\Vegetation effect is what you are looking for!

michiel, 3 days ago

Michiel i tried with text to do like you did but no reaction on my text

chaver, 3 days ago

Didn't know this one. It's an nice addition, but I can't create this.

But this is the linear variant.
The characters are deforming (transforming with the lines. So the right side of the character is larger or thicker than the left side.

And maybe there could be a curved deformation/transformation.

Filip, 3 days ago

Chaver, maybe increasing the wind speed with the FX WIND SPEED prop will make your text react.

michiel, 3 days ago

thank you Michiel

chaver, 3 days ago

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