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Filip | 7 months ago | 10 comments | 4 likes | 399 views

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For a local elementary school (attended by my childeren en grandchilderen) we
annually create a video of their last class musical.

I try to match the titling of the video to the titles made by the musical producers (Https://

What I mainly want to share with you are the animated eyes. Instead of "borrowing" an animated gif from the internet I tried a different approach. And I am very pleased with the result. BluffTitler is awesome!

Download media files (14.9 KB)

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Super ces petits yeux animés, surtout en plus si c'est toi qui les a réalisés.

le beau jojo, 7 months ago

Thnx le beau jojo. And yes I made the eyes myself.
The making of the eyes is quite simple. It are different (deformed) paired circles. Even the eye pupils, only I cut out a little circle. The eyebrows can be made with the same technique. Cut a part out o the circle and make it a little rough to look more like a real eyebrow.

If you know the principle you can make some variations eg split the paired circles, so the eyes can be move seperately.

Filip, 7 months ago

Merci Philippe pour ces petites astuces.

le beau jojo, 7 months ago


chaver, 7 months ago

Thnx le beau jojo and Chaver

Filip, 7 months ago

Cool, thank you Filip!

LostBoyz, 7 months ago

Thnx LostBoyz

Filip, 7 months ago

Well done Filip

vincent, 7 months ago

Thnx Vincent

Filip, 7 months ago

Belle animation Merci Michel

PAT67, 7 months ago

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