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aki | a year ago | 6 comments | 556 views


I read the description of the loop plasma layer in the user guide.

Display time * Plasma speed = 1

If this formula holds, the show will have a longer display time to move the plasma layer slowly. Conversely, shortening the show display time will speed up the movement of the plasma layer.

When playing back the loop plasma layer as a background video for a website, a video with a short display time of about 5 to 10 seconds is ideal.

The problem arises here.
The shorter the display time, the faster the plasma layer moves.

Is there a way to move the plasma layer slowly even for videos with a short display time?

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That would require a MAX DISPLACEMENT property that limits the movements of the plasma elements. Thank you for your request!

michiel, a year ago

@ Michelle

We hope that the plasma layer will be easier to use.
Thank you very much.

aki, a year ago

Aki, implementing your feature request will make you happy. But realize that it will also make the plasma layer harder to use for users who are not interested in short slow moving looping videos. That's the dilemma of app design.

michiel, a year ago

@ Michelle

Short videos with slow plasma layers can deviate from BT usage.

It means "antinomy".
I think your comment on me is always correct.

aki, a year ago

Your request was just in time for the latest release. In version, the plasma layer now features a MAX DISPLACEMENT property. For your short slow moving looping projects, set it to a low value:

michiel, a year ago


I am glad to hear from you.

I immediately upgraded and tried "MAX DISPLACEMENT property".

It completely loops slow-moving short videos.

This is exactly what I wanted.

I am grateful to Blufftitler and michiel.

aki, a year ago

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