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aki | a year ago | 8 comments | 466 views

Hello Michel and BT users

I would like to request a feature to make BT easier to use.

BT can export show videos and still images.
My request is the following two.

1. Add a shortcut to "Export as picture".
2. Add (Yes / NO) so that the alpha channel selection screen can be selected with the keyboard.

I'm new to BT and I'm not used to thinking about placed objects in 3D. Especially, I am not good at imagining the camera placement position and movement route.

So I'm training by recreating some of the shows that are packed in his Media> Shows.

However, I get tired of just recreating and training, so I came up with the idea of ​​selling exported still images as stock photos to increase motivation.

To improve the quality of the exported still images, you can learn the detailed settings of BT and learn the effective placement of the camera.

BT has a layer that stops moving and a layer that does not stop when the menu is opened. When exporting a part of a show as a still image, the layer that does not stop when clicking with the mouse may advance and not become the intended still image.

Shortcuts using the keyboard take less time than the mouse, making it easier to export the intended still image.

It may not be the original usage of BT to create a short movie. However, I want to make more effective use of BT because I can export still images.

I hope my thoughts reach you.
Thank you.

Download media files (469.8 KB)

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Thank you for you requests!

All animation can be paused by pressing <Ctrl> + p. This way the screenshot won't be a surprise.

Which keyboard shortcut would you like to use for taking screenshots? All <Ctrl> combination are already in use, but maybe some are not necessary or used differently in other apps.

Preferably something easier to remember than <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Alt> + s.

Here's the full list:

michiel, a year ago

@ Michel

Since I use Affinity and Photoshop, I thought that "<Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Alt> + S" is a commonly used shortcut.
But as you say, users who aren't using these apps will find it an unfamiliar shortcut.

I seem to have overlooked the "<Ctrl> + P" shortcut.

Pause the animation with "<Ctrl> + P" and export the screenshot. That's exactly what I want.

Considering that it is easy to press and remember the keyboard from "<Ctrl> + P" ...

<Ctrl> + <Shift> + P or  <Ctrl> + <Alt> + P

Considering shortcuts based on the idea of ​​saving screenshots ...

<Ctrl> + <Shift> + S  or  <Shift> + S

Michelle, what do you think?

aki, a year ago

Are you aware that you can export a show as numbered frames? Choose FILE > EXPORT AS VIDEO... and select NUMBERED FRAMES. This exports every frame as a single picture. You can delete the frames you don't need afterwards. Maybe this way you no longer have to choose FILE > EXPORT AS PICTURE... that often.

If you still need a keyboard shortcut, I suggest a single <Alt> combination. Unfortunately <Alt> P and <Alt> V are already in use. Maybe we can use:
<Alt> W: export as picture
<Alt> E: export as video

michiel, a year ago

@ Michel

I know I can export shows in numbered frames.
However, a 16-second show with a frame rate of 30 will output 480 images.
Considering the time to output 480 images and the time and effort to select the required image, I think that the screenshot function is necessary.

<Alt> W: export as picture
<Alt> E: export as video

I think it's a good suggestion.

Is it feasible to allow "OK" and "cancel" of "Export as picture" to be selected with the keyboard?

aki, a year ago

Maybe exporting in 10fps is enough. This reduces the number of exported frames to 160.

With <Tab>, arrow keys and <Enter> you can navigate through the GUI elements of a dialog. This is standard Windows functionality.

michiel, a year ago

@ Michel

For example I need the layout of this photo.

Please output the attached show in a numbered frame.(I added a show.)
It will not be the layout of this photo.

To get the layout I want, I need to pause the animation and print the image.

This show has only one photo output for easy understanding. However, in reality, the angle of the camera is changed to output dozens of photos.

It is inefficient to select "Export Picture" from the menu with the mouse. That's why I requested a shortcut.

aki, a year ago

The menu items FILE > Export as picture... and FILE > Export as video... now have keyboard shorts:

Thank you for your request. I hope this helps your project.

Download the latest version from the download page:

michiel, a year ago

@ Michel

The shortcuts you added have greatly improved my work efficiency.

Thank you very much.

aki, a year ago

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