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aki | 2 years ago | 2 comments | 516 views

Hi there.

The photo is "" attached to BT.
This show has a lens flare layer attached to sketch.
It is a beautiful show where the light of the lens flare writes out sketches.

I want to write a sketch while launching particles instead of this lens flare.

I tried attaching a particle layer to the sketch layer, but the particles are fired from the entire sketch. As shown in the photo, particles that rise straight up from one place cannot be attached to the position of the lens flare.

Is it possible to shoot particles at the tip of a sketch like this ""?

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This can be done with a container layer:

Sketch > Container > Particle

michiel, 2 years ago


It turns out that all the efforts I made before writing the question here were wrong.

Utilization of container layer.
I couldn't think of it.

It was very easy to achieve that.

thank you very much.

aki, 2 years ago

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