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aki | a year ago | 4 comments | 386 views

Hello everyone.
I decided to play with robot armlayer.
However, I was in trouble.
EH_robotarm2 stands upright, but other EH_robotarms do not.

Is this a mistake in my settings?

First of all, thank you for your advice.

Download media files (2.4 KB)

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Robotic arms have a mind of their own (artificial stubbornness). Moving or scaling the arm a bit usually makes them do what you want. In this case, changing the vertical position of the arm from -75 to -70 does the trick. That's the 2nd slider of the POSITION prop of layer 7.

The optimum vertical position of the other arm (layer 5) seems to be around 50. This removes the trembling. Just like human arms, some gestures are more comfortable than others. You have to try to find out.

Some other remarks:

Setting the 2nd dropdown of the sketch layers to ATTACHED LAYERS POINT UPWARDS prevents the tips of the arms from rotating axially.

Stretching the show from 4 to 12 seconds makes them move less jerky, more elegantly.

And last but not least, please do not post BixPack models and other media files in this community (and in other places!). Those are copyrighted files. I have updated your ZIP. Thank you for your understanding.

michiel, a year ago


First of all, I apologize for the lack of copyright consideration. I will be careful not to do the same.

I understood that there was "Robotic arms have a mind of their own."
However, I have a question.

Does each robotarm have its own "mind of their own" and do I have to repeat try and error to get the best value? Is there a guide somewhere?

Is there a "mind of their own" in MK_MovingHead?

aki, a year ago

It depends on the lengths of their limbs and their constraints. Those are different for all 10 arms of BixPack 43 so you will have to do some trial and error for every arm to find their best position and size. Again, just like human arms, not every gesture feels as comfortable and not every target position is in reach.

The robotic arms of BixPack 44 (the moving heads) are much simpler: 2 degrees of freedom instead of 7. As a result they never mess up.

michiel, a year ago


It seems easy for me to find the best reference value from the show packed in BixPack 43.

I enjoy trial and error.

Thank you very much.

aki, a year ago

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