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aki | 2 years ago | 7 comments | 791 views

Michelle, I have a question about show antialiasing included in the BixPack.

The photo is Party_Hats included in BixPack3.
Looking at the red arrow, it's not smooth.

I choose super high quality.

What is the reason why you cannot draw a smooth curve like the picture?
Also, are there any measures to prevent it?

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With High-poly models I guess the price of the BixPack would be much higher.

vincent, 2 years ago

Try to adjust the image setting (display settings) to quality and restart BT

ID Production, 2 years ago

You can use an EPS file, made with Bixelangelo.
See this show.

Filip, 2 years ago

Antialiasing is something else than polycount, here's a comparison picture.

BluffTitler tries to increase both when you switch to a higher quality (with the menu item SETTINGS > HIGH QUALITY), but this is not always possible.

For example, when your picture layer uses a low resolution picture, antialiasing can't be improved.

And a model layer can't increase the polycount of the 3D model file. This happens in your screenshot: antialiasing is super, but the shapes are not perfectly round because the 3D models are not high poly enough.

Fixing this can be done by adjusting the models in a 3D modelling app (like 3ds Max or Blender) or, as Filip has demonstrated, trying to render the shapes by another layer type. The balloon can be rendered by a picture layer using the BALLOON style (1st dropdown below the textbox). And the confetti can be rendered by a sketch layer.

Realize that increasing the polycount also has its drawbacks: it loads slower, it renders slower and eats more memory. It's a compromise.

michiel, 2 years ago

Changing the global image/antialiasing settings of your graphics card has no impact on BluffTitler.

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone who responded

-To draw a smooth curve, a certain resolution is required, and the higher the resolution, the more memory is consumed.
-Graphic card performance affects rendering time, but
not BT quality.
-If you change the shape with the style of the image layer or use the sketch layer, you can draw a beautiful curve.

Is this understanding correct?

aki, 2 years ago

Aki, my comparison picture was confusing because of the different resolutions. I updated it and now all 4 pictures use the very same low resolution. This makes the difference between antialiasing and polycount more clear. Press <Ctrl><F5> to reload this page.

Yes, resolution is also important.

Graphic card performance affects pretty much everything.

Changing the global antialiasing settings of your graphics card has no impact on BluffTitler. Instead, this is done in BluffTitler with the menu items SETTINGS > LOW/NORMAL/HIGH/SUPER HIGH QUALITY.

The same menu items affect the polycount of the picture and sketch layers, but not of the model layer. This is because the model layer does not generate a model: all it does is loading a model from a file.

michiel, 2 years ago

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