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aki | a year ago | 3 comments | 593 views

Hello Michel and BT users

I'm now interested in slow-moving, short-playing loop videos.
From Michel, I learned the relationship between loop video period and speed.

period = 1 / speed

When I apply this equation to a water layer, I feel that the loop video of the water layer does not hold.
Is it possible to create a loop video of a water layer?

Download media files (313.4 KB)

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Water is a bit more complex than that. The water surface is the result of up to 120 separate waves. Set the number of waves with the WAVES prop. Every wave has its own wave length, the range is set with the WAVES LENGTH RANGE prop. Smaller waves are faster than bigger waves. If all waves had the same speed it would violate the laws of physics and not look like water. The SPEED prop multiplies all the different wave speeds by a constant factor. The water would loop only when your show duration is wholly divisible by the period of all the 120 waves. This could, off course, be forced, but the shorter your show, the less natural your water will look. There's no functionality in the current version to do that. Thank you for your request!

Could you explain why it is important for your projects that the videos loop? An example video of one of your projects would be much appreciated!

michiel, a year ago

@ Michel

I understand that BT is an app for making videos like Bixpack.
But it's too advanced for me as a beginner, so I'll start by creating a short video to embed in the background of the website.
Video embedded in the background requires a short cycle loop video.

I found the irregular and discontinuous movement of the water layer to be very comfortable. For example, it feels like watching a candle flame sway in a dark room.

Michelle has added a "MAX DISPLACEMENT property" to the BT for the plasma layer. This feature is exciting to me.

The water layer behaves like the plasma layer does not.
The water layer loads normal maps and cubemaps as textures. Like the plasma layer, I can feel the excitement of the water layer.

Take a look at two samples that I feel open up to the possibilities of using water layers.(I added a Zip file.)

I hope Michel will teach you a new way to enjoy water.

aki, a year ago

Using a normal map in a water layer is SUPER advanced. Technically you're no beginner. When technology has no secrets for you, maybe you should work on your design skills:

michiel, a year ago

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