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aki | a year ago | 4 comments | 489 views


I asked about the seamless loop video of the plasma layer.
Another question is how to play seamlessly in a loop.

The user guide states that the Waving flag layer is non-deterministic.
I understand that this does not create a seamless loop video.

Is it possible to create a seamless loop video by fitting WavingFiag.cfx to an image?

If that is possible, is there an equation like the equation for loop regeneration of the plasma layer?

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The Picture\WavingFlag effect has an FX PERIOD prop. Set this to the duration of your show (in seconds) and it loops perfectly!

michiel, a year ago

Period is the inverse proportional value of speed:

speed = 1 / period

period = 1 / speed

Some layers and effects use speed, others period.

michiel, a year ago

@ Michelle

I mistranslated "FX PERIOD".
period = cycle

It's difficult because the same word can have different meanings.

speed = 1 / period
period = 1 / speed

Thanks for the big tip

I will try various things.

aki, a year ago

And speed can also be read as frequency. The idea is the same: a higher speed/frequency means a lower period/cycle.

michiel, a year ago

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