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Thor5ten | a week ago | 8 comments | 10 likes | 190 views

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Classic Western Wanted posters animated using BluffTitler's randomizing VJ parameters with the plane2roll effect. Finishing polish via camera toon effect. Easy but effective work. At the end of the video, in the title and description a nod to BT was included.

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Very nice idea, you could make a good countdown with this idea

vincent, a week ago

Very good show Thor5ten !

LostBoyz, a week ago


Interesting that you use the VJ dialog to automate the effect. Obviously, the same can be achieved with a bit of keyframing. Instead of using the low-tech solution you seem to prefer the high-tech one. You must be smart and lazy 😉

michiel, a week ago

Thanks for your encouraging comments!

A countdown is a really great idea, Vincent.

Yeah, Michiel, you've caught me - I am lazy. ;-) And thanks to your hard work put into BT, the VJ driven effect was set up in short time and fun to experiment with.

Thor5ten, a week ago

Un spectacle à 500.000 $ Bravo

PAT67, a week ago

What a great idea. I like the textures.

Ulli, a week ago

Is this from the TOS western episode OR from TNG "A fistfull of datas".

Kidding, I know you have more "transporter" range than that.

komies, a week ago

Haha, komies. That's really funny. Well it seems I have to live with being typecast as the Star Trek guy here. ;-) You won't believe it, but I recently had some BluffTitler ideas involving Star Wars. O_O

Nah, it was actually a pretty earthly matter of having insane amounts of fun with a face in hole photo wall during a shop re-opening. *guiltypleasure*

Thor5ten, a week ago

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