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lightads | a week ago | 12 comments | 224 views

I want to make cube with letters and numbers. Is there a template available somewhere.

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Maybe this installer template can get you started: Picture\

Take a look at the texture how it works:
-select layer 6
-press <F8>

michiel, a week ago

I was looking for something like this.

lightads, a week ago

When you know how to make 1 cube, you can make them all. The others are the same, only with another texture, position and rotation.

Please take a look the the Picture\ template that comes with the installer. The textures can be made in any paint app.

michiel, a week ago

You can build your cube assembling elements in a container. An example here :

(needs the font : Cambria)

vincent, a week ago

I'll hope this helps you, nothing better than an live example:

I made the textures myself so they are free to use.

The rest of the work is yours. Love to see the complete video on the community.

Filip, a week ago

@Vincent your link isn't working.

Filip, a week ago

Filip, it works for me, is there an error message ?

vincent, a week ago

Vincent, I've changed your URL from "http://" to "https://". Some browsers produce scary warnings when using http so it's best to always use https. Unfortunately this can't be done automatically because not all servers can handle https.

Nice EPS solution!

michiel, a week ago

@Vincent: Works, thnx. It's a beauty. It's much better than mine. Less Mb's.

Filip, a week ago

Filip, all solutions have positive and negative points. Thank you michiel for the change, I’ll take care of it in the future.

vincent, a week ago

Thank you all for your help and suggestions and sharing your BT's.

lightads, a week ago

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