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OBJ import can be picky. Here's a pretty good workaround on a new issue I found in connection with importing shells with holes into BluffTitler.

With the help of michiel and others in The Community, I got a non-beveled cube shell with holes to work correctly in BluffTitler just yesterday. Thanks.

However, bevels usually make for better looking models. So I beveled the non-beveled model I got to work earlier and that did not work as expected. It's easy to see the problem I ran into, the bevels are transparent and don't show in BluffTitler when looking from the inside.

See the two screens at the top of the image below.

I thought "with all my newly found knowledge about reversing normals etc. this should be no problems".

It was a problem. What worked with the non-beveled cube did not work here. After 30 minutes of testing the obvious I did the universal test, export from the model software and import it back to export it out again.

It worked.

I exported the beveled model as an FBX and imported it again. Copied that model over itself, reversed the normal of one of the models, connected them into a single model and exported it as an OBJ that works perfect in BluffTitler

See the video and the two screens at the bottom of the image below. The bevels now show in BluffTitler.

I do not have clue as to why this works but so be it. I've documented how I solved the problem and that's it AFAIC. On to new experiments.

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The screens

PiPPi, 5 months ago

Here's another challenge for you: the words DANGER and PUSH are mirrored inside your cube.

Having to make some faces double sided is not a workaround. That's normal practice when you want to export your model for use in a game engine, BluffTitler or any other app that does not want to waste precious time rendering faces that are never visible. Imagine a cube without holes that is only rendered from the outside. Why would you want to render its interior faces?

michiel, 5 months ago

I'd venture to call this one a "workaround". After having added the bevels, the double side faces normal reversal did not work like when without the bevels like I did yesterday. The workaround was to export the beveled model as an FBX and re-opening that FBX again. After that, the double sided face reverse procedure worked for the beveled model as well.

As for getting texture correct on the inside, challenge accepted. I did something along those lines before, see the video, but this is more tricky.

PiPPi, 5 months ago

Here's a video with a non-mirrored inside of the same double side faced normal reversed beveled model as above.

PiPPi, 5 months ago


Only thing left to do now is to find a way to add a big text so it can be used as an intro video!

michiel, 5 months ago

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