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The metallic map tells the renderer which parts of the model are metallic. In this example the bow and arrow and the rucksack straps.

ORM map

To save precious video memory, the occlusion, roughness and metallic maps are stored in the same texture. This is the ORM map:


The AdvancedMaterials\ColourmapNormalmapCubemap effect uses the metallic map to set the visibility of the cube map. This effect is automatically selected when your model features an ORM map.

When you choose MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... you can see how this effect uses its textures:
1st texture slot: colour map
2nd texture slot: normal map
3rd texture slot: cube map
4th texture slot: ORM map

All textures are automatically loaded from the 3D model, except the cube map:

Cube map

The BluffTitler installer comes with an example:

Here's more about cube maps:

Render 1

The 1st render does not use a cube map. This way nothing looks metallic.

Render 2

The 2nd render uses in its 3rd texture slot. But the FX IGNORE METALLIC MAP is set to 1. This ignores the metallic map so everything looks metallic.

I've cleared the normal map to make it super smooth.

Render 3

The 3rd render keeps the FX IGNORE METALLIC MAP prop to its default value of 0. This makes only the metallic parts look metallic. Clearly this looks best!

The FX REFLECTION FACTOR prop is set to 2 to boost the effect.

Other props

The FX NORMAL STRENGTH prop is set to 2 to boost the normal maps.
The SPECULARITY prop is set to 0.9 to add specular reflections.


The model used in the screenshot can be downloaded here:

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Very COOL! Thank you Michiel!

LostBoyz, 4 months ago

Here's another demonstration of the power of metallic maps.

michiel, 4 months ago

Thank you for the clarification.

vincent, 4 months ago

Realize that the same can be achieved by splitting your model into its submodels: a separate layer for every submodel. This way you can set the FX REFLECTION FACTOR prop differently for every submodel. A metallic map automates this: it achieves the same with only a single layer!

michiel, 4 months ago

Grat.Thank you Michiel

chaver, 4 months ago

Merci Michiel pour ces superbes démonstrations.

Alex-Raymond T., 4 months ago

wow, incredible.

Decentralized, 4 months ago

Thank you Michiel nice update...

Dani, 4 months ago

THNX Michiel it's getting better and beter.

Filip, 4 months ago

Merci Michel pour toutes ces précisions.

le beau jojo, 4 months ago

Great, thank you, Michiel!

Ulli, 4 months ago


EDWIN, 4 months ago

Merci Michel

PAT67, 4 months ago

Here's another spectacular example.

I've set the FX REFLECTION FACTOR in the 3rd render to 1.3. This way the metallic parts take over the mustard green a bit.

michiel, 4 months ago

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