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michiel | 6 months ago | 8 comments | 8 likes | 669 views

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Here's a portrait version of an installer show, published as a YouTube Short.

The original, landscape version, can be found here:

The show file of this portrait version is attached: click on the DOWNLOAD MEDIA FILES button.

Audio samples

The video is spiced up with audio samples from AudioJungle:

Download media files (1.9 KB)

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Better not watch it at meal times, good appetite anyway. But can we stop a bit with the 9:16 ?!

vincent, 6 months ago

Oh yes, don't watch at meal time. 😂

Ulli, 6 months ago

I can smell it, yeach.

Filip, 6 months ago

Thank you michiel.

liuyongcai, 6 months ago

Hyperrealistic! Teenagers will love it! 2.3K views in 16 hours on YouTube! Great performance, congratulations Michiel!

Alex-Raymond T., 6 months ago

Great.Thank yoy Michiel

chaver, 6 months ago

LOL, super funny, and well done. Thx for the download.

Decentralized, 6 months ago

😆 COOL😆Thank you Michiel!
0:17-.. :D

LostBoyz, 6 months ago

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