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michiel | 7 months ago | 16 comments | 16 likes | 908 views

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Spaghetti tool?

When experimenting with 3D sketch generating scripts, this popped up. The rope is rendered by a sketch layer using an automatically generated EPS. Using it to tie down a text is only one application, it probably can be used for all kinds of other things. Maybe this system could be published as some sort of spaghetti tool in a next version of BluffTitler or Bixelangelo!

Insane vertex count

The EPS is less than 100K, but in high quality generates a model with more than 2.5 million vertices (check the MODELS tab in the <Ctrl><F1> dialog) Not sure if we have to increase the vertex budget, find a way to decrease this amount... or optimize rendering models of this size.

Dancing letter

The letters are animated with the Text\JumpForJoy effect.

Rope texture

Rope sample



The show files are attached for you to play around with.

Download media files (186.6 KB)

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Superb effect. This tool that can twist around letters without crossing them looks super powerful.

vincent, 7 months ago

Wow great tool, wanted to try it out but we have to wait......but I can't......

Filip, 7 months ago

That is wicked.

Decentralized, 7 months ago

Nice!!! It would be nice to replace the rope with gift wrap ribbons, I attach some examples.

GaspareNet, 7 months ago

GaspareNet, all it takes it changing the texture. You can try this yourself with the attached show. Select the sketch layer and chose MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE... to change the texture. Play around with the TEXTURE SIZE prop to scale the texture.

michiel, 7 months ago

Michiel, changing the texture is easy, but it remains a string. I would like a ribbon with a flat profile and not a round one

GaspareNet, 7 months ago

Switch from CIRCLE to FLAT with the 1st dropdown.

michiel, 7 months ago

What a great tool! Thank you!

Ulli, 7 months ago

Cool. Thank you for sharing

chaver, 7 months ago


jolosan64, 7 months ago

Jolosan64, maybe this system could be published as some sort of spaghetti tool in a next version of BluffTitler or Bixelangelo!

michiel, 7 months ago

wow very nice. can be very handy = thanks michiel

Rorysee, 7 months ago

Michiel, Does the script recognize text file or an obj file or image file then create the EPS from that? Just mind!!!
For example getting a ribbon around an image is not easy

Rorysee, 7 months ago

Rorysee, the plan is to take a transparent picture (for example a PNG) as input. This way it can not only be used for texts but for all kinds of things!

michiel, 7 months ago

ok Michiel. that makes sense. so the alpha channel is used bythe script to create the paths. can be awesome fx to have

Rorysee, 7 months ago

The spaghetti tool has been launched!

michiel, 6 months ago

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