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Franco Aversa | a year ago | 12 comments | 383 views

Hi Michiel,
I saw that there are links on the lesson shows
on some images that are recognized and refer to sites.
Looking at the file show (with an external editor) I saw where the external link is shown.
My question is: can these links be placed only by editing the .BT file externally or is there a command to insert a link on an image even in BluffTitler?
Thank you.
It seems to me that with this possibility we could create interactive animations.
Thanks a lot for the answer.

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Choose the menu item LAYER > Active layer properties... to turn the active layer into a button

michiel, a year ago

wow so many surprises in blufftitler

chaver, a year ago

I have always had it under my eyes without realizing it.

Thanks Michiel.

and is it possible to run an animation online (without it being a video)?

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Yes, .bt show files can be placed on a server. To play it, enter its URL in the address bar of the BluffTitler browser panel.

michiel, a year ago

Thank you so much!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

When i run bt i only get some text info about the show not the show itself.How can it be fixed?

chaver, a year ago

Instead of double clicking on a .bt file you can also open it by starting the BluffTitler app and choosing the menu item FILE > OPEN SHOW...

michiel, a year ago

I only get text in browser the show is not running

chaver, a year ago

Do not enter the URL of your show in the address bar of your webbrowser (like Chrome, Edge or Firefox), but in the address bar of BluffTitler.

michiel, a year ago

Ok.Thank you Michiel

chaver, a year ago

if the address is a disk drive it works and loads another animation, if I write the url where i saved the animation it tells me that it can't load it, what can be that prevents the upload?

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Make sure your URL starts with http:// or https://

Or maybe clearing the cache in the INTERNET tab of the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog can help

michiel, a year ago

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