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Franco Aversa | 3 months ago | 2 comments | 151 views

I saw that with Bixorama there is also a player for websites.
The demo shows a full screen page with the 360 ° photo player.
Does anyone know if I can put it in an iframe or resize the player so to insert several photos on the same web page?
Thank you.

OK,I succeeded with iframes and implementing the html page where the 360 ° photo is.
Is there another method?

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The Bixorama JavaScript code uses global variables so this is not possible.

With a bit of refactoring you could make it work the way you want, but indeed using iFrames is much easier!

Why don't you add a link to your webpage?

michiel, 3 months ago

I enjoyed making a photo gallery on the clients' website. If I create a link later I have to do another one to go back. But it may be a good idea, thanks Michiel!

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

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