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Filip | 2 weeks ago | 1 comment | 73 views

1. Is it possible to attach an article layer to a particle layer. It would be cool.

2. When I set a target layer for a particle the Gravity setting has no effect. I expect to see a distortion of the path of the particles in the direction of the Gravity

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Attaching particle layers to particle layers would be a dangerous feature because it could easily explode the number of particles. For example when a particle layer has 1000 particles and all those particles emit another 1000 particles you end up with 1000 x 1000 = 1 million particles. This will seriously slow down the animation.

Gravity in combination with a target layer would require trajectory calculations a done in spacecrafts. That would be fun, but probably not very useful for video titling due to unexpected, long lasting paths.

Thank you for your requests!

michiel, 2 weeks ago

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