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aki | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments | 185 views

Hi Michiel

To export the video, open each show, select Export as Video and set the details of the exported video. I would like to request the ability to select multiple shows at once and export the video, similar to the batch processing provided by Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

Exporting the video will take some time.
While the user is sitting in front of the PC and exporting each show, no other work can be done on the PC unless it is a high performance PC.
This is not efficient.

Since each BT show has a small capacity, storing many BT shows on the user's PC is not a big burden.

By adding the batch video export function to BT, users will be able to export videos while sleeping or on the go without having to sit in front of the computer, which will enable them to use the computer efficiently.

Thank you for your consideration.

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why don't you try creating a playlist?

Franco Aversa, 2 weeks ago

@ Franco

What is a playlist you say?

aki, 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your request!

Here's how to use the playlist feature:
-choose SETTINGS > Playlist window
-add shows by right clicking in the playlist window and choosing INSERT SLIDE

Now when you choose FILE > Export as video..., all the shows in the playlist are exported as a single video.

michiel, 2 weeks ago

@ Franco and Michelle

Playlists may not require you to use apps such as VEGAS or VideoStudio.
However, the "batch video export function" I proposed is not a function that exports multiple shows as a single video like playlists.

I need one exported video for one show.

The batch feature is very effective when repeating the same process.
For example, if you want to export each of the 10 shows, you'll have to wait patiently in front of your PC for one show to complete the export and repeat it 10 times.
However, if you have the batch function, you can export 10 videos in one video export operation. It's a one-time operation, so you don't have to wait patiently in front of your computer.

You can export shows created using time such as bathing, shopping, and sleeping.

I think the batch function is making good use of time. What do you think?

aki, 2 weeks ago

I usually spend about an hour designing and fine-tuning a new title, so I don't mind the extra minute to export as video.

Can you tell us a bit more about your production process? Why 10 shows at the same time? Why does it take so long to export? What's the duration? Resolution? Framerate? Format? Purpose?

michiel, 2 weeks ago

@ Michiel

I'm not yet capable of creating complex shows like you or the professional users in this community.
As a BT beginner, I'm currently working on creating a simple loop video.

For example, create a show of blobs, spots, lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines, lines, circles, triangles, rectangles, fractal clouds in HDR on a plasma layer. This is 10 types.
Modify the random sheet to create several versions with different behavior. I can have a show of 10x3 = 30.
Further change the color to increase the variation.
30 x 5 = 150

One show is a 10-second loop video. The resolution is UHD 4K. The frame rate is usually 30FPS (60FPS or 120FPS especially if I want a smooth image). The file format is mov.

It takes about 4 minutes to export one show on my PC.

Simply, the time required to export all 150 shows
150 x 4 = 600 minutes

But that's not all you need to do.
BT mov format is exported as "ProRess 4444".

My video provider asks me to submit the video format as "ProRess 422HQ", so I need to re-render the video format exported by BT and change it to "ProRess 422HQ".

I can't do anything else to offload my PC while I'm exporting or re-rendering the video.

The reason I want the Batch feature is that I want it to do these things when I'm not sitting in front of my PC.

BT can take advantage of pre-built shows and BixPack shows to create the only video by simply swapping text and photos.
In other words, I think that the mainstream usage of users is to easily create semi-original videos.

However, another way to use BT is to create a universal video that doesn't use individual messages, titles, or photos and isn't intended to be delivered to a specific person. For example, using plasma layers, particle layers, flag layers, sketch layers, and so on.

Universal videos require different versions of the video due to the need to have choices.

I want to spend time sitting in front of my PC creating another version or creating a new show.

Batch processing can make effective use of time.

I don't speak English so I'm writing this sentence with Google Translate. I hope my true intentions reach you.

thank you.

aki, 2 weeks ago

LOSSLESSCUT will help with your work load.

So make playlist and save as one videofile.

Then use losslesscut and cut the scenes and save as seperate videos.

To loop plasma layers use the link for timings.

komies, 2 weeks ago

OK, I understand, thank you for your request!

michiel, 2 weeks ago

@Komies, Michiel

I have learned a lot from your writing in this community. Thank you very much. I am glad to receive your advice.

LOSSLESSCUT is a free app that separates videos, isn't it?
Similar to LOSSLESSCUT, VEGAS can be divided into multiple videos from one video by the built-in script processing. (In the case of VEGAS, the video format can be changed at the same time, so VEGAS is more efficient.)

Both require me to manually set the crop range for the video. For looped videos, the 10 second BT show isn't exactly 10 seconds because it doesn't include the last frame. It is very time-consuming to select the exact range to cut out. Also, I have to manually enter a title for the clipped video.

In addition to the trouble of manually entering the title of the video, there is a risk of causing a discrepancy between the content of the video and the title.

Normally, the batch process inherits the original title as it is. This saves time and prevents mistakes.

So far, few people like me may be using BT. Since BT is light in operation, it is possible to create shows even if it is not a high-spec PC. However, exporting a show to a video can be time consuming.

I am convinced that batch processing will greatly benefit not only me but also BT users who do not have high-spec PCs.

Thank you for listening to my request.

aki, 2 weeks ago

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