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Filip | 11 months ago | 5 comments | 6 likes | 443 views

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As I mentioned earlier you can do great things with the Physics drop down, but when you want to make a more complex movement as a "collision with impact" it becomes complex. Maybe is it me making simple things complex and are there better ways to create the same or more effect (I like to see other attempts).

You have to allign the layers involved, in this case the camera layer, the picture layer, the two Container layers and the Textlayer. You have to choose wich layer moves at what time and distance and direction and what kind of Physics you want to apply.

It looks very complex but mostly I'm working with a global idea of what I want to create and then I'm working along; trial and error.

This is BluffTitler, very user friendly and simple, but when you want to give it more time you can create miraculous good video's.

Download media files (83.1 KB)

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Why not combining fragment explosion with character explosion?

When switching to the SOLID style (3rd dropdown below the textbox), the FRAGMENT EXPLOSION prop is available!

michiel, 11 months ago

Another suggestion: with the FLEXIBILITY prop, the moment of impact can be delayed for the consecutive characters.

The installer comes with a demo:

michiel, 11 months ago

Thanks for letting us participate.

Thor5ten, 11 months ago

Thnx Michiel for the tips. Thnx Thor5ten

Filip, 11 months ago

The 3rd slider of the CHARACTER EXPLOSION prop has special meaning when using a negative value.

This is has been extended in version

New demos in the installer:

I think the value -16 does what you want:

michiel, 11 months ago

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