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BillyJack | 10 years ago | 1 comment | 8 likes | 8,487 views

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Sorry for repeated threads about the cube, but it's become a personal challenge to make this thing work using only BluffTitler. I think I've got it now!

There are 26 containers, one for each piece of the cube. To modify the movements, these containers are the only thing you rotate. Each piece has a unique color and that's how I mapped the movements. The last rotation for example was:
Violet, Violet/White, Violet/Yellow, Red/Violet/Yellow, Red/Yellow, Red/Yellow/Green, Violet/Yellow/Blue/, Yellow/Blue, Red/Green/White. Counter Clockwise. Since none of the colors have the same first letter, I just use that letter in my actual map:

I've already set the 5sec mark keyframe, but once you've made the movement there, on the last container you move, go to the next time mark (6sec) and on that layers transparency line, select all layers and adjust the transparency forward or back by .001. This way all layers movements are locked and will start at the proper time mark. (See other post about the cube for more details on the movements)

Download media files (6.3 KB)

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Billy, Rubik is a really complex 3D animation and you done the job !

vincent, 10 years ago

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