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BillyJack | 6 years ago | 9 comments | 4 likes | 2,352 views

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I actually used ReflectiveWater.fx on this one. After playing with it, that ended up the better choice. Several things you have to consider setting up your shadow too.

1. The floor image has to be set to "3D in Background". If not the shadow is under the floor.

2. Reflection color. Because it's a reflection, it tries to take on the color of the model. Just set your reflection color to black.

3. You will have to set the floor level, Reflection Gradient and Reflection Transparency to suite your taste.

4. Remember when setting up the scene, this is an illusion and not an actual shadow. Changing camera angles and crossing paths with other elements in the scene can really make things interesting.

Hope this helps!

PS. Yes I know the thumbnail shows a basketball and all you got was a block, but the basketball took the show over the upload limit so a substituted a block.

Download media files (84 KB)

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Very good show!!! and info, Billy Jack, all your shows teach something to learn, keep up the good work. Waiting to see your future shows

Dani, 6 years ago

Gives me an idea for a new spin on making the game of basketball more challenging - by using a hard sponge ;)

Good demo of the effect BillyJack!


Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Thanks for that, BillyJack - worked perfectly. The ReflectiveWater made a huge difference over the ReflectiveFloor!

I'm going to have to redo the football in Blender because when the FX is applied in BT, for some reason, the lacings disappear??? I'm thinking I exported them as a separate object.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for the assist on this one!

jmarkt, 6 years ago

jmarkt, make sure before you save the football in Blender to "Recalculate" the normals. When a part of a model disappears in BluffTitler, 90%+ it is because the "Normals" are flipped inward.

BillyJack, 6 years ago

On the redo, I converted lace/football to mesh, then joined as one object; then, I recalculated...laces still disappear when I apply the ReflectiveWater FX??? I do believe I can see a portion of the laces inside the football, but they pop right back up when the FX is removed??

jmarkt, 6 years ago

Couple of the things I can guess might be your problem.

First thing that pops to mind is when you say you converted to mesh is it sounds like you used a curve to build the ball? I've had a lot of trouble in the past with converted curves in BluffTitler.

Second, when you combined the laces with the body of the ball, did you "Remove Doubles" before recalculating?

Regardless, if the ball looks right without the fx, try this:

1. Place the ball in it's own Container.
2. Select the ball and hit "CRTL+U" to subdivide the model
3. Add the ReflectiveWater.fx" to just the body of the ball

See is that works out better.

BillyJack, 6 years ago

BillyJack - I so much appreciate your efforts, but nothing seems to prevent the laces disappearing when the ReflectiveWater.fx is applied??

Using previously saved version, I first removed doubles, then recalculated. Then placed in a container, and hit Cntrl+U...nothing happened, suggesting the recalculation had worked; however, when ReflectiveWater applied, viola - laces disappeared!

The latest Blend file has been uploaded to just in case you can find time to look at it. If not, I certainly understand and sincerely appreciate your efforts to make this work. It's for a grandson's recruiting film.

jmarkt, 6 years ago

If the Blender file I just downloaded is what you saved as a .x file, then it wasn't ready for BluffTitler yet.

Long story short, there are 3 different 3D objects in that file: Cube, Cube.001 and Sphere. 1st one's not part of the ball, second, your laces, had no material so would end up defective or blending materials with one of the other objects and the 3rd has effects and multi textures added to it a DirectX file can't interpret.

Once I get this tutorial I'm working on finished, I think you'll understand why the file you saved didn't work correctly.

For now, instead of me trying to walk you through fixing them, I've added a link here where I have my football and basketball loaded. The file even contains the textures you can take and edit in Photoshop. Just right click on the link and select "Save target as"

BillyJack, 6 years ago

Oh my! To say thank you is a gross understatement...but, thank you so much. The three errors you've outlined actually make sense now, as to why my model wasn't working. I so look forward to viewing your tutorial - as you can see, I'll benefit greatly.

Again, thank you for all your time and effort, BillyJack. I trust others have benefitted from your modeling/BT wisdom almost as much as I have!

jmarkt, 6 years ago

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