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BillyJack | 6 years ago | 13 comments | 8 likes | 2,418 views

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Layered out and tried to use all the new metering effects to see what they could do. Forgot to add a speaker though.

Michiel, is there anyway to add a Min/Max limiter to the VJ_SpectrumAnalyzer_2D.fx like there is on the VUMeter.fx? If possible, I would like to be able to adjust it out to where it looks like a full panel gradient when maxed out and drop to nothing on the minimum. On the file, Layer 13 is as close as I could get to make it work like what I asking, it's just not peaking all the way like the needle does. Thanks!

Download media files (379.6 KB)

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Thank you BillyJack!:)

LostBoyz, 6 years ago

You can use the SIZE property of the picture layer to scale the 2D spectrum analyzer.

michiel, 6 years ago

Many thanks BillyJack!:)

sinus300, 6 years ago

Sizing it won't help Michiel. To get the gradient solid bar look I was after, I had to set the FX Cell sliders to 2 on top and 50 on the second. With the 2/50 setting the audio file won't red line. That's why I was hoping for a Min/Max adjustment that would work like the Min/Max Needle Angle.

BillyJack, 6 years ago

You can create a solid bar by setting one of the FX SMOOTH property sliders of the VJ_SpectrumAnalyzer_2D.fx effect to 0.

michiel, 6 years ago

Thank you BillyJack

vincent, 6 years ago

I have it set to 0 Michiel, that's not what the issue is. When you play an audio file using the analyzers defaults it starts out with a red line and as the music hits higher beats the analyzer jumps in gradient from red to green. The problem is that it has a fixed dB range. Not sure the fx setting but for example let's say the range is 0~100 dB. If I play an audio file that has a max dB of 60, the analyzer will never turn green. The orange part of the gradient is a high as it will go. If I crank the volume up to hit 100dB on the highs, the analyzer will never go down to red because now 40 is it's lowest unless there's a flat pause in music.

On the VUMeter.fx there's an adjustment "FX Needle Min,Max Angle" if that same type adjustment could be applied to the analyzer for Min,Max Peaks, perhaps set in percentages, it would work for what I'm talking about. So if you had a single slider that went from 0% to 100% and you set the Max range to 60% for example, any beat over 60 percent of the track peak would max out the analyzer. The VOLUME adjustment does this to a degree on the AUDIO layer, but I set the volume to 1000 and it still wouldn't completely max out the analyzer. The ANALYZER itself needs an adjustment to make it work.

BillyJack, 6 years ago

I'm puzzled by your remark because BluffTitler normalizes the music: it always reaches the maximum level.

michiel, 6 years ago

Not when you cut it down to only 2 cells to make the bar solid. For some reason it won't peak out. Now it does when multiple cells are applied, like 6 plus. Just not with low numbers. Not a big deal though, I was just trying to use it in ways it wasn't truly intended as usual. :)

BillyJack, 6 years ago


And please, what is the trick to make white the needle on a black background? For me it is always black.


XarquS, 6 years ago

Once you add the VUMeter effect, the properties drop down menu one the left of the tool window has Needle Color adjustment.

BillyJack, 6 years ago

Aaaahhhh... I have looked anything but this.


XarquS, 6 years ago

Billy Jack is the boss. Nice!

eugene57, 5 years ago

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