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BillyJack | 9 years ago | 6 comments | 7 likes | 4,002 views

JimH, agpvn, LostBoyz and 4 others like this!

I put together 4 gears, each double the size of the one before, but with matching spines. Problem I'm having with EPS files is that they all come out the same diameter when you open them so some resizing is needed. For example:
X200 set the font size to 2
X100 leave font size set to 1
X050 set font size to .5
X025 set font font to .25
(or some even fraction of each)

If X200 is used and your rotation is set from 0 to 360 and you add:
X100, then X100 rotation will be 0 to -720 (which times 2)
X050, then the rotation will be 0 to 1440 (which is time 4) so on and so on
They will all 4 innerlink, you just have to play around with speed and size.

Download media files (9.7 KB)

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Looks great except you need to include the chrome fx and the texture?

JimH, 9 years ago

Oops, I forgot to save all files and media before I zipped it didn't I? The CubeMapDDS FX in BT will work, you might have to rotate the texture a bit to get it look right.

BillyJack, 9 years ago

That's a lot of

JimH, 9 years ago

Not so much, delete all the containers except the top one and set you FX and texture on the 4 EPS files. Then duplicate the container and rotate/position them where you want them.

Originally, I hadn't planned on sharing a project, just the EPS files for those who wanted to make use of them. That's the reason I failed to save media files. I went further playing around with it than I planned before I shared it. This morning, I also made a straight bar that teeth pair up to cogs I'll post later once I have it refined.

BillyJack, 9 years ago

On one of the EPS layers, check the boxes that say "All Layers" and "All Keys" then change the fx to: CubeMapDDS_LightenedM and that'll fix it right up.

BillyJack, 9 years ago

Merci BilliJack mais on ne peut pas ouvrir le fichier BT de BJ_GEAR_SET pour effectuer les modifications

CARMENINA, 9 years ago

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