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NextPreviousHomev12 Beta on a Non-DirectX 11 Compatible card

BillyJack | 5 years ago | 10 comments | 4 likes | 2,767 views

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This show was constructed using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 which can run DirectX 11, but it's not compatible with it and can not handle it's higher functions. Only issue using this non-directX11 card so far though is applying a cubemap layer. The mirror layer works and most of the other cool upgrades have no troubles. All the old shows I have had no trouble with at all. In the original release, I did have an issue with saving the video file. I was restricted to 640X480 and the files were very grainy even viewing 1:1. The Latest release however exports videos perfectly to the show settings on this outdated card.

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Billyjack is displacement working on your card ? When i open the show ( .....\shows\picture\
I have an error message :
could not create hull shader
the show uses : ColourrmapDisplacementmapCubemap.cfx
Thanks in advance for informations

vincent, 5 years ago

Vincent .I heard from Michiel that if you click ctrl and f1 on v12 and click on the directx tab you see what version dirextx you have

chaver, 5 years ago

Yes Vincent, I get the same error.

BillyJack, 5 years ago

Hello chaver,yes with CTRL+F1 BT displays technical info and in the directX tab it displays 10.1 for feature level (dxdiag.exe displays a V11 directx) .
Thank you Billyjack for the test.

vincent, 5 years ago

You have to differentiate between hardware and software.

The dxdiag tool tells you which version of DirectX is installed. This is software.

It does not tell you if your graphics card supports all of its features. This is hardware. This is expressed as a "feature level".

BluffTitler displays this info in the DirectX tab of the CONTROL F1 dialog.

Displacement mapping requires feature level 11:

michiel, 5 years ago

DxDiag displays 10.1 as DDI version in Display Tab.I found this article but it's a bit too technical for me and i don't know if it can resolve my problem.

vincent, 5 years ago


vincent, 5 years ago

zoom system tab

vincent, 5 years ago

BT12 : CRTRL+F1 :

vincent, 5 years ago

Vincent, your graphics card has feature level 10.1.

This means that it can't do displacement mapping because this requires 11.0

michiel, 5 years ago

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