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NextPreviousHomesnafu Text Request

BillyJack | 6 years ago | 4 comments | 2 likes | 1,733 views

michiel and Dani like this!

Is this sort of the end look you're after? If I understand correctly though, the black text trace you want to be a void so you can see through it right?

Download media files (734 bytes)

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Since the background is black as well you would not notice a difference if you could see through it. That's good enough for me!

Here's a way to create a true gap:

michiel, 6 years ago

Michiel, Thank you for your collaboration, your example is the one I'm looking for, but with no gaps, and the inside text in a lower level than outside, deeper.

And thank you to BillyJack as well !

snafu, 6 years ago

snafu, you lose me with "Text in lower level". Are you referring by chance to a deeper axis? (Z=Height X=Width Y=Depth) If that is the case:

1) Create 1 Text and set it to Inside
2) Duplicate and set the new layer to one of the Outlines
3) Then in the column to the right where it says "Text Position" drop down to "Text Size" and adjust the bottom slider. That's the "Y" axis controller.

Since you're working with two layers together, I suggest putting them in a Container.

BillyJack, 6 years ago

OK I've got it already !

Thank you for your help

snafu, 6 years ago

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