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BillyJack | 10 years ago | 2 comments | 4 likes | 3,387 views

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This show is a start up for building the moving cube Vincent inspired me to reinvent. Setting it to motion past the first block is kind of like mapping a multi level chess match. Queen to Knight Level Three type language. Each block is set in a container and that containers motion has to be tracked by location to make all the pieces work together. Nice thing about it is, once you have your map, your combinations are endless.

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Oops, I forgot to tell you that I used a Baby Block Font and set it to Filled Holes to create the blocks on this one.

Now for the tutorial!
Actually, it's not as complictaed to track as I've been doing. Had a DUH moment and realized there are no two blocks the same so by discribing the blocks in each container property, it's easy to create and track the motions.

Here are the key things to making this work
Key 1: Start with the core block and set its position to 0 across the board. (Core does not have to be in a container)
Key 2: Leave the camera position at 0 but set camera arm length back far enough to get all the blocks in view. Use the camera rotation then to get the angle you want.
Key 3: Build the complete cube before you start trying to put it into motion. The base blocks require two objects, the core and the block color. Corners require four and the center edges three. Building them is simple but requires several steps;
1) Create the base block set at 0 position
2) Create a container and set it at 0 position
3) Put the block in that container and name the container to describe what the block will be. For example, Corner RED BLUE GREEN.
4) ONLY MOVE THE BLOCK NOT THE CONTAINER HERE! Position the block in its proper position. This is what that 1st core block is for. It's a reference for setting all the outer blocks in place.
5) Once the block is placed, duplicate the block and shrink it by .1 increment all the way around. Set the color to match which ever side you're working on and then move the new smaller block up down or side to side as need so one side of it pops out from inside its core. Since it's already resized, duplcate the small block and change its color and place it as needed to finish that piece of the cube.

Repeat till you've completed the cube then use the camera rotation to set your view angle. From this point the only thing you rotate are the containers.

BillyJack, 10 years ago

Clever!!!! *****

vincent, 10 years ago

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