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BillyJack | 8 years ago | 7 comments | 4 likes | 2,470 views

stbo, bylaw, LostBoyz and 1 other like this!

On this Tri Prop, your have to adjust the Rotation Center on the "Y" axis by -28.5 to center it up before making the rotations.

Download media files (74.7 KB)

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Fantastic !

Thank you again

snafu, 8 years ago

You're welcome

BillyJack, 8 years ago

Which URL you get the models ?

snafu, 8 years ago

DirectX models are so hard to find, I've got to where I just build them or convert them myself. Here's a good resource for shared models other than DirectX if you have the means to convert.

BillyJack, 8 years ago

The model layer page of the user guide has a link to 3D CAD BROWSER. They offer models in lots of formats including DirectX.

michiel, 8 years ago

To prevent copyright issuses this gallery uses a simple rule: you will only upload material that you have created yourself.

This means that you never have to ask the artist the URL where he/she got the models/textures and other material from:

michiel, 8 years ago

Michiel, I've never had any intention to transgress (or make others to transgress) the copyright rules.

And around the web there are many URLs to download models without transgressing copyright laws, in the other hand not everyone here makes his/hers own models.

In any case I'll avoid these kind of questions.

snafu, 8 years ago

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