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michiel | a year ago | 12 comments | 16 likes | 1,000 views

Sma, ID Production, Ulli and 13 others like this!

Here are the release notes for, launched today:

-updated translations: Chinese(Simplified), Czech, English, Francais, Kreyol, Magyar, Nederlands, Russian, Suomi and Turkce
-new picture layer style: EGG. Select EGG in the 1st dropdown of the picture layer
-particle layers now cast shadows when using fast shadows
-fog is now applied to fast shadows
-new effect: AdvancedMaterials/Flat. This performs flat shading:
-rename: PROJECTED SHADOWS style light layer renamed to FAST SHADOWS:
-rename: STENCIL SHADOWS style light layer renamed to REAL SHADOWS:
-rename: DAMPING property particle layer renamed to BOUNCING:
-bugfix: optical kerning fixed:
-bugfix: tool window is now translated when double clicking on a show file when not using the ALWAYS SHOW TOOL WINDOW AT STARTUP option

Looking forward to see how you decorate your Easter eggs.

Thanks to all registered users for making this new version possible!!!

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Thank you fantastic! :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

Here's a comparison between flat and Phong shading.

The new Effects/AdvancedMaterials/Flat effect performs flat shading. It works great for low poly models.

All the other effects, including the Effects/Lightened effect, perform Phong shading.

This Wikipedia page has more info:

michiel, a year ago

Wonderful adds - thank you so much, Michiel!!

Ulli, a year ago

Thank you Michiel

chaver, a year ago

Muy bien Michiel y muchas gracias

persiana, a year ago

A quick and dirty Particle shadow test.

komies, a year ago

Nice Komies!

Have you already played around with fog? This show that comes with the installer demonstrates how powerful fog can be: Particle\

michiel, a year ago

Thank you michiel.

vincent, a year ago

Chinese BluffTitler fans thanked Mr. Mihil for updating the new version of BluffTitler during the Chinese New Year

liuyongcai, a year ago


Piramide shape request, to make the set complete.😄

I can make all basic shapes easily in this link, with style options, traced picture extrude and revolved style, for the (square) pyramide alot more difficult especially where the ribs meet.

komies, a year ago

Thanks Michiel, excellent version.

Jesus, a year ago

Big thank you Michiel...komies your test show is awesome..

Dani, a year ago

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Michiel den Outer is the founder and lead coder of Outerspace Software. He lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

If he isn't busy improving BluffTitler, he is playing the piano or rides the Dutch dikes on his bikes.

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